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SVL Raft for Complete Sewer Pipeline Inspection

UVS Trenchless design partners, CISCREA of Toulon, France, have release an innovative new product for “360-degree” inspection of sewer pipelines. At IFAT in Munich CISCREA showed the new product on their stand together with other products that demonstrate the depth and experience in the CISCREA design team.

The SVL inspection system provides a complete capability for inspection of partially filled sewers. Detailed dimensions of the pipeline are provided above water by a laser scanner and below water by a scanning sonar system. The complete 360-degree data of the pipeline above and below water is fused in real time to provide a complete dimensioned pipeline profile and is presented to the operator during the inspection.

For visual imaging three fixed cameras are provided to enable a complete “photo-copy” of the pipeline above water to be made with no detail missed. The fixed cameras are supported by a pan & tilt camera that can be manoeuvred by the operator for inspection of points of interest in detail.

Complete reporting is provided by the SVL Raft system and available immediately after the inspection with no delay and in user-friendly MS Word formats. Interface to Win Can is also supported.

SVL Raft provides complete Multi-Sensor Inspection of partially filled sewer pipelines using laser scanner, scanning sonar and cameras.