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3D Printing - High Quality with Rapid Turnaround

3D Printing - High Quality with Rapid Turnaround


BlueZone Group is building on the high quality and rapid turnaround of our Subsea Cable Moulding Service  by offering our customers a similar service for 3D printed parts. 

The Markforged Mark Two 3D Printer can print in advanced materials including composite materials with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than 6061-T6 Aluminium:
o Carbon Fibre - highest strength-to-weight
o Kevlar - highest abrasion resistance
o Fiberglass - highest strength-to-cost
o Nylon - tough engineering plastic
o Onyx - stiff, micro-carbon fiber nylon
o High Temperature Fiberglass - ideal for applications that need material with a higher temperature deflection point

Feedback from initial jobs has been very good with customers very pleased with the 3D printed parts. "The parts printed from the Markforged Mark Two were the best I'd ever seen," said one customer, "The parts were more flexible than I had anticipated, but as a positive, well suited to their application."

A comparison between a Mark Two printed Onyx hatch relative to ABS hatch. The quality of the machine and filament show in the surface finish with near invisible striations. 


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