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ADCP Ringing Test Procedure

ADCP Ringing Test Procedure

10-Dec-2014 Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) has released a new procedure to check for “ringing” in WorkHorse ADCPs. This test checks for excessive ringing beyond the “normal” ringing that all ADCPs experience.

When the WorkHorse ADCP transmits an acoustic pulse into the water, some of the transmitted energy is reflected back into the transducer head. This causes the transducer to resonate at the system’s transmit frequency. TRDI refers to this as “ringing.” If the ADCP is in the receive mode while the transducer is ringing, then it will receive both the return signals from the water and the “ringing.” Both of these signals are then processed by the ADCP. 
The ringing causes bias to the velocity data.

Please Contact UVS for information on the WorkHorse Ringing Test Procedure and corrective actions.

The UVS “Gold Standard” ADCP that has been certified by TRDI at their San Diego facility to be suitable for ADCP side-by-side comparisons


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