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ADCP Silver Service Plus

ADCP Silver Service Plus

UVS is pleased to offer an ADCP "Silver Service Plus" that combines the popular Silver Service (Laboratory Check) with the benefits of ClearSignal Coating.

The Silver Service (Laboratory Check) is ideal to build confidence in your ADCP with a fast turnaround and thorough inspection by our experienced technical staff. If we find any issues we will contact you and discuss the way forward.

ClearSignal is a clear non-toxic rubber-like coating that resists biofouling as a result of the non-stick properties of the material itself. The product is permanent coating that is designed to last the life of the ADCP it is protecting. ClearSignal coating products can be applied to your ADCP at UVS workshops in Australia making it easy to include with an ADCP Verification Service.

Contact UVS now for a special price on Silver Service Plus until 30 June.

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