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AUS-ROV SeaBotix Operators in Action

AUS-ROV SeaBotix Operators in Action

12-Jan-2016 SeaBotix operators AUS-ROV have recently reported on a number of jobs that have completed with the versatile and reliable SeaBotix ROV. 

In Papua New Guinea AUS-ROV conducted fire tank inspections for Origin Energy. The internal inspection of the tanks were carried out using the SeaBotix LBV200 ROV System which can easily be checked in on any commercial passenger airline.

AUS-ROV provided SeaBotix training on behalf to a team of PNG and Chinese Nationals at the RAMU NICO Basamuk Refinery. The training was in basic maintenance and operation of SeaBotix vLBV ROV which is an essential tool for pipeline inspections. 

For another inspection, UVS provided on-site technical support with UVS Workshop Manager, Grant Maddison, supporting the job for a few days. The SeaBotix vLBV300 ROV was deployed with a HD camera and a water sampling device.


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