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Blue Zone Group Partners with MARTAC for MANTAS Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Blue Zone Group Partners with MARTAC for MANTAS Unmanned Surface Vehicle


BlueZone Group and MARTAC partner to expand sales and marketing of the MANTAS USV system to Military, Commercial and Scientific markets worldwide

BlueZone Group is proud to announce a partnership with Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc (MARTAC), an innovator in unmanned maritime systems. Maritime Tactical Systems is an innovator in the development and manufacture of maritime unmanned systems.  MARTAC offers a wide range of unmanned vessel systems and solutions to the military and commercial markets.

With this partnership, BlueZone is an authorised dealer for the class leading MANTAS unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and its systems to customers in these markets.  The MANTAS is an innovative, catamaran USV that is a safer, highly accurate, and cost-effective means to perform a variety of missions and applications in maritime environments. As an authorised dealer, BlueZone will provide full-service sales, marketing and support for the MANTAS and its operation to their customers. 

The MANTAS USV is an open architecture platform combining a superior performance envelope with many above and below-surface sensors and communications kits to perform a wide range of military missions such as ISR, ship escort, transport logistics and mine countermeasures to cite some examples as well as commercial applications such as asset inspection, bathymetric mapping and environmental monitoring.  The manoeuvrability and speed of the MANTAS unmanned system, along with the easy-to-use TASKER control system allowed users, through MANTAS, to perform a wider variety of missions and applications in challenging environments. 

Andrew Hazell, General Manager of Blue Zone, said “We are excited to offer new and innovative tools like the MANTAS USV to our customers in all markets who face demanding challenges in harsh environments”

Of the company’s recent partnership, MARTAC’s CMO Stephen Ferretti said, “We are excited to work with BlueZone to offer MANTAS to their markets.  BlueZone Group has unique experience with more than 40 years in the subsea industry.   As an authorised dealer, we will work with BlueZone Group management to develop new opportunities for our MANTAS USV System as well as enhance the capabilities of this versatile platform.”

The MANTAS T12-MCM USV provides a technically mature USV for mine countermeasure detection.
The T12-MCM configuration consists of a MANTAS USV system, a L3 KLEIN UUV-3500 High Resolution
Side Scan Sonar and a NORBIT Wideband Multibeam Forward Looking Sonar. These technologies
combine to a provide mine detection and real-time relay capability back to a shipside or shoreside
monitoring and control station and operators.

The MANTAS T-Series provides high performance electric propulsion capable of high-speed surface
operations actively engaging maritime environments. It is highly manoeuvrable and stable operating in
areas not possible for manned or unmanned craft. The design is modular, accepting interchangeable
payloads making it a multi-role platform which is an all-in-one inspection, monitoring and surveillance
solution. Portable and ruggedised for simple mobilisation, operation and demobilisation with payload and
communications agnostic design.


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