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BlueZone Short Listed for Land Forces 2018 Innovation Awards

BlueZone Short Listed for Land Forces 2018 Innovation Awards


Unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and Hydrographic Survey capability

BlueZone Group is pleased to announce shortlisting for the Land Forces 2018 Innovation Awards and congratulates fellow nominees. The Awards, in six categories, will be announced during the LAND FORCES 2018 Exposition.

BlueZone Group has developed a marine Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and Hydrographic Survey capability for Army using the Teledyne Oceanscience “Z-Boat” autonomous surface vessel. The Z-Boat may be operated under remote control or in an autonomous waypoint-following mode. The Z-boat provides a man-portable high speed ruggedised platform and BlueZone has integrated a suite of sensors to meet specific Army needs.

BlueZone Group CTO, Darren Burrowes, said that robotic and autonomous technology is a “force multiplier” for the Australian Defence Force to enable ISR and survey to be completed more rapidly, at lower cost and with reduced risk to operational personnel. “The Z-Boat is an alternative to tasks conducted from small boats that expose personnel to long periods in the weather and risks with small boat operations, launch and recovery,” said Burrowes, “We are very pleased that BlueZone has been able to build on nearly 20-years of support for Navy unmanned systems to rapidly prototype and trial unmanned systems to meet Army needs.”

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

The ISR capability enables clandestine observation of shoreline areas using long-range visual cameras, infrared and LIDAR. ISR can now be completed in contested areas with little or no risk to personnel. They can be completed at night or in other conditions that support clandestine operations if required. Data is immediately available and can be processed in near real-time. Robotic systems can be quickly re-charged and re-deployed with no resting time required.

Hydrographic Survey

The hydrographic survey capability enables multibeam bathymetric and LiDAR survey of the coastal and riverine environment to enable safe passage and entry into the environment. Hydrographic survey missions can now be planned and executed with the possibility of autonomous robotic systems to complete required missions. This frees up human resources for other tasks. Robotics systems such as the Z-Bot can complete “dull & dangerous” operations with repeatability and reliability.

 Z-Boat is ideal for ISR and Hydrographic Survey operations in confined waters like ports and harbours.

 The robotic Z-boat is also ideal for river gauging and river measurement applications, particularly where there are risks to personnel due to high flows or river life.


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