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ClearSignal® Coating Covered-off

ClearSignal® Coating Covered-off

Coating of instruments with ClearSignal® biofouling control system is now underway at UVS workshops in Newcastle. Unlike anti-fouling systems that rely on active biocides and whose effectiveness degrades with time, ClearSignal®  remains 100% effective for the intended life of the instrument.

UVS Newcastle Workshop Manager, Grant Maddison said that UVS had worked closely with Severn Marine Technologies and Mid Mountain Materials, developers of ClearSignal® biofouling control system. "Correct application of ClearSignal® components is key to the effectiveness of the ClearSignal® system," said Grant, "We worked with Severn and Mid Mountain to satisfy them that our process in Australia meets their exacting standards and our technical team our now fully trained for application of ClearSignal® coatings to new and used instruments."

One of the first applications for ClearSignal® biofouling control system was for four Tritech Gemini sonars that will be used for the Clever Buoy Shark Detection System

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Tritech Gemini sonars masked-up in the process of application of ClearSignal® biofouling control system in the UVS full-down-draft and temperature-controlled spray booth. UVS specialises in the application of specialised coatings for marine instruments and equipment. 


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