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Clever Buoy Demo at Bondi

Clever Buoy Demo at Bondi

27-Mar-2015 UVS has supported demonstration of the Optus Clever Buoy at the iconic Bond Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Mobilising from specialised workshops located in Newcastle, UVS completed pre-deployment checks of the Clever Buoy in preparation for the demonstration. The UVS engineering team originally developed the Clever Buoy working with Shark Mitigation Services and Optus to develop a broad concept into a detailed design and working prototype in just 12 weeks. UVS engineers supported the demonstration with deployment of the Clever Buoy at Bondi showing the capability for detection at the busy Sydney beach.

Bondi Rescue’s Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid from Bondi Rescue, knows the ocean like the back of his hand, and has helped save hundreds of lives over the years and was impressed with the Clever Buoy technology

In the future, thanks to the help of the Clever Buoy, lifeguards will know exactly 
what's in the waters they are patrolling and be able to keep swimmers even safer.
(Image: Andrew Reid on Instagram)


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