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Falcon DR for Focus Subsea

Falcon DR for Focus Subsea

24-May-2016 Focus Subsea of Wangara in Perth has recently taken delivery of a Falcon DR (Deep Rated) for integration into their fleet of flexible ROV solutions.

Focus Subsea brings together a wealth of experience in oil and gas subsea operations with decades of experience providing ROV and Anchor Monitoring services to the largest multinational clients.  Utilising a fleet of versatile, reliable ROVs rated to up to 2,000 metres and fitted with technology designed for precision and performance, Focus provides services to enhance the safety and flexibility of sub-surface operations such as inspection and drill support functions.

The Falcon DR has been fully integrated into the Focus ROV control cabin and joins other SeaBotix and SeaEye vehicles in the Focus fleet. UVS Technical Sales Manager, Francine Watts, said the that Falcon DR provided a powerful and versatile addition to the focus ROV capability. "The Falcon DR is rated for deeper operations ", said Francine, "It enables inspections in deep tunnels as well as for fly away operations in deeper water offshore."


UVS’ Technical Sales Manager Francine Watts with Focus Subsea’s Operations Manager Angus Richardson near the ROV Control Cabin with the new Falcon DR. The Falcon DR is easily recognised by the thicker red higher density buoyancy material visible below the removable yellow top faring. Another recognisable external feature is the forward facing tilting flood lights that are linked to the camera tilt platform to provide improved scene illumination when filming above or below the vehicle centre line.
Falcon DR controls are fully integrated into the Focus Subsea Control Cabin at the ROV pilot station.
Falcon control box and accessories neatly stowed in the Control Cabin.


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