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Oceanology International 2018

Oceanology International 2018

23-Mar-2018 BlueZone Group was pleased to learn about the impending release of the “Tasman” Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) from Teledyne RDI at Oceanology International 2018. Abel Tasman was a famous navigator whose name is remembered in many places in Australia including the island state of Tasmania and the Tasman Sea. 

The Tasman DVL represents a significant step forward in DVL capability from RDI that will benefit customers in many applications including ROV and AUV position sensing. Teledyne RDI Commercial Director for Position, Navigation and Timing, Grant Jennings, said that the Tasman DVL represent the next-generation in DVL technology with a wide range of advanced features, reduced size and increased range. With bottom tracking ranges from 0.15m to 400m the Tasman delivers a new gold-standard in precision subsea navigation.

BlueZone also met with Doug Lockhart and his team supporting SeaBotix and OceanScience vehicle products. There has been a strong uptake of these products in Australia and BlueZone is working with Teledyne to continually improve support and service for customers. Innovative applications for the OceanScience Z-Boat will be further enhanced as Teledyne and BlueZone work even more closely together.

 BlueZone Group CTO, Darren Burrowes, and GM, Andrew Hazell, with Teledyne RDI Director of Marketing, Margo Newcombe and the new Tasman DVL brochure.

 Farwell Harry Maxfield – BlueZone was pleased to be able to farewell Harry at Oceanology. Harry had always been a great supporter of BlueZone (previously UVS) and his Yankee ingenuity, industry experience and friendly style will always be missed.

Not all work – Darren Burrowes and Andrew Hazell with Jamie Carrig (Global Head of Sales - ROVs, SeaBotix) build closer links and enjoy the Teledyne Marine hospitality on the eve of Oceanology 2018. 


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