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Port Stephens Seafloor Revealed

Port Stephens Seafloor Revealed


The structure of the Port Stephens seafloor has been revealed using the portable Teledyne MB1 multibeam echo sounder in a demonstration conducted by UVS . A UVS team supported by Michael Redmayne  (Teledyne Odom Hydrographic) conducted a survey of the seafloor near to Dutchman’s Bay using a small boat. The MB1 was easily adapted to mount on the boat using a multi-fit  boat mount developed by UVS. The results of the survey were used to rapidly generate an intuitive 3D model showing the seafloor detail  down to sand ridging and bottom scouring from tidal action.

 With a fast and easy set up on a small the boat the MB1 was ready for operation within hours of arrival at Port Stephens by the UVS team lead by Mark Hegarty (General Manager, Victoria). Mark is a hydrographic survey professional with many years of experience in operation of all types of hydrographic equipment. “The MB1 provides a powerful and yet intuitive way to conduct seabed surveys”, said Mark, “with the ease of set up and powerful user interface it will suit many organisations that need information on seabed structure”. 

 The demonstration was well attended with many delegates requesting further  information on the MB1. The MB1 was developed by Teledyne Odom Hydrographic “from the ground up”  to provide many of the features of a large, expensive multibeam echo sounder into a compact and easy to operate unit.


3D model of Port Stephens Seafloor near Dutchman's Bay.



 Mounting arrangement inside the boat.


 MB1 Multi-fit Boat Mount developed by UVS.


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