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Quick Connect for Countermeasures

Quick Connect for Countermeasures

28-Nov-2017 The Royal Australian Navy Mine Counter Measures force has recently taken delivery of the innovative "Tether Connection Mk 2" for use with the Double Eagle Mk 2 Mine Disposal System.

The Tether Connection Mk 2 provides a "plug & play" solution to connecting to the Double Eagle Mk II Mine Disposal Vehicle. The complete system consists of an in-line connector mounted on the tether and a receptacle permanently fitted on the MDV. Connection to the MDV is simply made by pushing the connectors together and screwing home the retaining bezel. There is no requirement to breach the MDV pressure hull to make a dual electrical and fibre optic connection. 

BlueZone Group CEO, Neil Hodges, said that MDV changeovers can now be completed in minutes with high reliability and with no need for pressure test of the MDV. "We are very pleased to provide the Tether Connection Mk 2 to the RAN, "said Neil, "It provides an innovative way to connect to the Double Eagle vehicle with significant operational and maintenance advantages that will provide great benefit to Navy's MCM force."

 Electronics Technician Joe Smith completes full system testing of a Double Eagle vehicle fitted with the Tether Connection Mk 2.

 The Tether Connection Mk 2 is designed to be a complete form/fit/function replacement for the original tether connection used on the Double Eagle vehicle.


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