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Saab MuMNS ROV for MMCM Program

Saab MuMNS ROV for MMCM Program


World’s first fully-integrated unmanned mine countermeasures system

France and the United Kingdom have collaborated in a programme to assess and develop a “Maritime Mine Counter Measures” (MMCM) capability comprising unmanned systems operating remotely, at a stand-off distance from mother ships or, through a command-and-control centre, either on board ship or deployed ashore.

The objective of the MMCM programme is to deliver an agile, interoperable and robust MMCM capability. The programme will help to determine the options for replacing existing Mine Counter Measure Vessels when they retire from service and the life-cycle cost benefits of delivering mine counter measure capability in a new way.

Following the first phase of the program in which two demonstrators have successfully proven their operational performances at sea, France and the UK marked the tenth anniversary of the Lancaster House treaties by signing a joint contract for Thales to start the production phase of MMCM to deliver eight unmanned mine-hunting systems (four for France and four for the UK).

The MMCM program is the first step in the renewal of the operational concept for mine warfare in France and the UK, based on the use of unmanned systems that could potentially replace traditional minehunters.

Saab’s unique Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System (MuMNS) will be included as a powerful, reliable and adaptable vehicle that can be used in a variety of different roles, including live operational mine clearance, peacetime operations against historical ordnance, mine investigation and underwater demolitions. The system is effective against a complete range of underwater targets: mines (ground, moored, floating and drifting), depth charges, torpedoes and IEDs.

A separate inspection or training round is not required for MuMNS enabling the team to “train as you fight” in harsh conditions including strong currents and tidal flows. This has never been more important as the introduction of unmanned and autonomous systems to Navy presents to the opportunity to revolutionise MCM warfare.

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Saab Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System (MuMNS) Deployed from USV

Saab Launches Multi-shot Mine Neutralisation System

Demonstration of Saab's Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System (MuMNS) at the Thales site of Brest

The Multi-Shot magazine of the MuMNS system means that with one vehicle launch multiple contacts can be inspected and neutralised as required.
 The Launch and Recovery System (LARS) can be adapted to any surface craft.
The mine disruptor is moved forward to engage and is attached to the mine and released from the vehicle. 


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