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Salmon Farming Gets New Falcon Technology

Salmon Farming Gets New Falcon Technology

23-Aug-2017 The largest majority privately owned producer of fresh salmon in Australia, Huon Aquaculture, has ordered a second Saab Seaeye Falcon underwater e-robotic vehicle.

Their newest Falcon is now enhanced with Saab Seaeye’s iCON behaviour-based intelligent control architecture.

This is an important new resource for Huon as iCON makes possible the option of intelligent station-keeping and precise positioning that helps reduce operator workload by allowing them to concentrate on the task in hand.
Huon’s main use of the Falcons is to inspect the nets, rigging and moorings in their aquaculture pens.

“The key reason we decided to purchase a second Falcon is its reliability and Saab Seaeye’s excellent after sales support,” says Huon’s business development manager, James Bender.

By picking the Falcon concept, Huon has chosen the most popular vehicle of its class in the world with a success record in the global aquaculture sector for over 12 years.

For aquaculture work, the Falcon’s winning design has the power and manoeuvrability to operate with precision amongst large and deep nets and in strong crosscurrents.

The design also allows a wide range of equipment for many different tasks to be easily added and changed on a system that is simple and easy to operate.
The Falcon's global success comes from having packed five powerful thrusters and an intelligent distributed control system in a compact 1 x 0.5 x 0.6 metre versatile system that has been proven worldwide since 2002.

Falcon 12413 is prepared for delivery to the CSIRO in BlueZone's support facility in Newcastle, NSW. BlueZone has provided support in Australia for Saab Seaeye products since 2000. The CSIRO Falcon features include high-intensity dimmable LED lighting, Tritech Super SeaPrince sonar and a Kongsberg OE14-502 HD zoom camera. 


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