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SeaBat® Sonars Delivered to RAN Hydrographic Service

SeaBat® Sonars Delivered to RAN Hydrographic Service

18-Jun-2018 BlueZone Group is pleased to be providing continued support for delivery of Teledyne Reson T50 SeaBat Multi-Beam Echo Sounders (MBES) to RAN Hydrographic Service. 

BlueZone GM Oceanographic and Hydrographic, Mark Hegarty, said that the SeaBat® T50 is the new addition to the leading SeaBat® T-series product range engineered from the ground up. Combined with a very compact Rack-mounted Sonar Processor (RSP) the SeaBat® T50-R provides unprecedented survey data, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time. 

All T50 SeaBat® MBES will be treated with ClearSignal® biofouling protection system. ClearSignal® is a passive, non-toxic polymer coating whose surface properties act as a biofouling inhibitor and foul release coating. ClearSignal® was developed specifically for undersea instruments. It is applied in a one-time treatment designed for the life of the instrument and is optically clear and with no loss of effectiveness over time.

Two dual-head T50 SeaBat® MBES will be delivered to Hydrographic Ships HMAS LEEUWIN and MELVILLE. Additionally, four single-head T50 systems that have been supplied to replace the original Reson SeaBat® 7125 MBES currently installed in four Survey Motor Launches.

RAN Hydrographic Survey Ship HMAS LEEUWIN to be fitted with Dual-head Teledyne Reson SeaBat® T50 MBES. 

 RAN Survey Motor Launch HMAS PLAUMA to be fitted with Single-head Teledyne Reson SeaBat® T50 MBES.


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