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SeaBotix ROVs for Aquaculture

SeaBotix ROVs for Aquaculture

21-Sep-2016 UVS has recently supplied Huon Aquaculture with Teledyne SeaBotix Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to support their operations at Hideaway Bay – the home of Huon Aquaculture.

Huon is the largest family owned and operated vertically integrated salmon producer in Australia. Its operations span all links of the supply chain, from hatcheries and marine farming to harvesting and processing, as well as sales and marketing.

The SeaBotix ROVs will be used for all aspects of inspection of the salmon pens. Constant attention to the security of the pen nets is required to assess damage from floating debris and to prevent loss of salmon to seals. The rapid one-person deployment capability of SeaBotix ROVs had been a great advantage for the Huon Aquaculture team in speeding up inspection activities and making operations more efficient.

Huon Aquaculture pens at Hideaway Bay in Tasmania are regularly inspected using SeaBotix ROVs

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