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Solar Installation at UVS Newcastle office

Solar Installation at UVS Newcastle office

13-Feb-2015 The UVS Newcastle office is now “powered by the sun” following the installation and commissioning of a 10kW roof top mounted solar photovoltaic array. The system will generate reliable electricity for over 25 years and provide clean energy for both UVS and society in general.

The system will generate about 14,380kWh per annum with a payback period of less than 5 years and savings over 25 years in the region of $150,000 (depending of future electricity prices). While the system is grid-connected it does not require a feed-in tariff because the solar power system is used to off-set the electricity consumption in the UVS facility during the day. The fundamental benefit is to reduce the cost of electricity and save money. The 10 kW solar system replaces about 20% of UVS’s electricity consumption and effectively “locks in” a guaranteed electricity price for 25 years of about 5c/kWh.

The solar system was installed by Epho Pty Ltd and UVS Newcastle General Manager, Jennylee Taylor said that Epho’s proposal was clear and concise which made it easy to make the decision to go ahead with a commercial solar system. “Workplace Health & Safety is very important to UVS and Epho provided all the necessary documentation prior to commencing and then an additional meeting on site on the day of installation demonstrating that Epho understood all the requirements.

They could clearly document their safe installation method and it was great to see Epho’s attention to detail. They installed our 10 kW system in one day and it couldn’t have been simpler for us. We can most certainly recommend Epho to other businesses”, said Jennylee.

10kW Solar Photovoltaic Array installed at the UVS facility in Newcastle, NSW



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