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Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group

Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group


Today’s advances in sonar technology are revealing astounding detail of the realms of the deep, imaging unknown features like never before. The Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of technology through three companies offering complementary sonar products:

• Teledyne RESON
• Teledyne Odom Hydrographic
• Teledyne BlueView

UVS Perth supplies Teledyne products for Offshore Oil & Gas applications including real time pipeline tracking, inspection and imaging of subsea assets to verify pipeline integrity.

UVS Newcastle offer products for Defence applications including seafloor bathymetry, obstacle avoidance and Mine Counter Measures. High resolution imaging sonars are particularly applicable to mine classification and disposal tasks.

At UVS Melbourne, GM Oceanographic & Hydrographic, Mark Hegarty, specialises in providing solutions for hydrographic survey. Advanced bottom detection algorithms can be provided to visual even the most difficult underwater structures. Deepwater systems can be applied to charting of the deepest oceans. In harbours, hydrographic survey ensures the safety of ships navigating to ports and Teledyne products can be used for subsea imaging of harbor structures, support detecting scours and providing inspection data for maintenance of port infrastructure.

Mark Hegarty said that vast amounts of precise data could be acquired using Teledyne sonars including single beam, MBES, 2D forward looking and 3D scanning sonars. “Teledyne builds the tools needed for the challenging ocean environment”, said Mark, “And UVS provides excellence in support for our customers in Australia through our factory-trained engineers and technicians”.



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