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Teledyne SeaBotix Simulator

Teledyne SeaBotix Simulator

The many benefits of Virtual Reality for training applications are increasingly being recognised by modern naval forces and other operators for Unmanned Vehicles. Some of the advantages of ROV simulation are:

  • Reduction of training expense
  • Rapid prototyping new approaches/techniques
  • Analysis of pilot performance in controlled conditions

The Teledyne SeaBotix Simulator developed for the Royal Canadian Navy is currently used for their Virtual Remotely Operated Vehicle (VROV) pilot training program. The simulator features include:

Fully interactive tether effects:

  • Debris and particle effects
  • Accurate collision models
  • A wide scope of training missions
  • Customisable environmental parameters
    and outcomes
  • Scenario customization

Enquireries for the Teledyne SeaBotix Simulator are now being taken for SeaBotix customers in Australia.

 Members of the Royal Canadian Navy training on VROV for SeaBotix vehicles. 

 Baseline scenarios included for SeaBotix ROV simulation include Contraband Search; Wharf Inspection and Plane Crash Site Inspection.

 The Full Military Version SeaBotix Simulator includes dual ROV mission capability and additional scenarios of Flight Recorder Recvery and ROV Recovery.


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