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Versatile Sea Spider

Versatile Sea Spider

14-Jun-2014 The versatile Sea Spider seafloor instrument mount was deployed in the Sydney Aquarium to provide an easy to manage and stable base for sonar trials conducted with fish in the aquarium.

The modular Sea Spider mount disassembles into three pieces making it easy to transport and fast to assemble on site. Once assembled the three-legged design provides a very stable mount that is easily adapted for many types of oceanographic instruments including ADCPs, transponders, cameras, pressure sensors, wave gauges, CTDs and virtually any other type of compact oceanographic instrumentation package.

The Sea Spider was originally designed as a stable mount for Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) instruments and features:
• High quality fiberglass construction
• One-piece Spider for maximum rigidity and heavy loads
• Three-piece modular construction for easy shipping
• Field proven for over a decade
• Pop-up buoys and custom instrument mounts available

The Sea Spider can carry multiple instruments and a pop-up buoy for diver-less recovery. Gimbals are available for deployment on uneven sea floors. The Sea Spider has lead ballast feet and corrosion-free plastic clamps to protect your instruments. UVS provides both sales and rental of the versatile Sea Spider in Australia.




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