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ZB01 Custom Charger Case

ZB01 Custom Charger Case

25-Sep-2017 The ZB01 Custom Charger Case provides a fast and effective way to charge multiple Z-Boat batteries from one easy to manage Pelican Case.

Many users find transporting, connecting and operating individual chargers for Z-Boat 24V nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries inconvenient and prone to mistakes due to the multiple connections that must be made. The ZB01 includes eight charging circuits enabling simultaneous charge of up to eight batteries with only a single connection to AC-mains required via a standard IEC 240VAC plug. The charging circuits include smart technology for intelligent battery charging monitoring unsafe charging conditions. 

A key feature of the ZB01 Custom Charger Case is an auxiliary 24V output that simplifies operating the Z-Boat in the workshop by providing continuous 24V power to the Z-Boat and payload sensors. Many payload sensors can be power hungry, and extensive setup and fault-finding work can drain batteries quickly. The ZB01 Custom Charger Case enables easy long-term powering of the Z-Boat for trouble free mobilisation and preparation for survey and Z-Boat operation.

 Workshop setup and fault-finding is simplified with a stable 24V supply from the ZB01 Custom Charger Case.


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