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Dual Diver CCTV System

Dual Diver CCTV System - Rack Mount

The Dual Diver CCTV System enables two person dive teams to reliably operate two video cameras and two lighting sources at depths up to 200m.

Independent adjustment and control of the Illumination of the underwater scene is provided. This adjustment supports excellent clarity of the video signal, maximising the performance of each camera. The benefit is the best possible resolution for the actual conditions of the underwater scene and high quality video of your dive operations.

Video signal compensation ensures minimal signal loss in the umbilical for reliable viewing and recording of the video signal at the surface.

The Dual Diver CCTV System is supplied in a 19-inch rack mount format and is designed for incorporation into a diving spread control system. Multiple video output connections are provided, both with and without text overlay annotation. This allows simple interfacing to user supplied video recording equipment. Alternatively, a separate multi-channel video recorder can be supplied with the system.

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