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Latest News

Latest News

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PLATypus Gas Sensors Sniff the Environment30-Oct-2018

Reducing Risk in Pipeline Condition Assessment with Continuous Gas Monitoring Continuous..

SewerSerpent® Distributor Appointed in Israel30-Oct-2018

Leaders in Water Use Recognise the Benefits of SewerSerpent® for Sewer Leak Detection ..

Syphon Pipe inspection with Sonars30-Oct-2018

Sonar Scanning Technology Enables Inspection of Flooded Siphons Imaging sonar technology can..

BlueZone a Finalist for Optus My Business Awards 201803-Oct-2018

Ahead of the Tide BlueZone is pleased to announce selection as a finalist for the Optus My Business ..

Saving Suburb from Sinkhole03-Oct-2018

Leaking drainage and sewer pipes are ticking time bombs A local council in Perth, Western Austra..


Training Comprehensive Theory complimented by hands-on Practice UVS has significant experience i..

Cable Moulding Service18-Sep-2018

Cable Moulding Service Rapid Turnaround enabled by Experience and Quality Manufacture Our specialis..

How to Control a 650kg Platypus28-Aug-2018

Special Purpose Winch for Pipeline Inspection UVS Trenchless is completing the design and..

SeaBotix SmartFlight™ vLBV 300 Demo28-Aug-2018

Unleash the power of SeaBotix vLBV BlueZone Group has conducted a successful demonstration of Te..

SewerSerpent® Locates Leaks Under Concrete Slabs and Saves Costs28-Aug-2018

Leaking stormwater and sewer pipes are ticking time bombs for concrete slabs SewerSerpent..

BlueZone Short Listed for Land Forces 2018 Innovation Awards24-Aug-2018

Unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and Hydrographic Survey capability ..

Laser Profiling of Conduits13-Aug-2018

Laser profiling of conduits is used in two ways for pipeline condition assessment. One appli..

New Tools for Sewer Asset Inspection13-Aug-2018

New tools for sewer asset inspection are revolutionising that way that asset data can be collect..

Priming Grant for BlueZone Group in Trenchless Technology30-Jul-2018

BlueZone Group was pleased to join with 38 other recipients in the award of an Australian Govern..

Serpent Pipe Stopper30-Jul-2018

The Serpent Pipe Stopper provides a fast and easy way to block pipelines using an inflatable piper s..

Trenchless Technicians to the Rescue!30-Jul-2018

UVS Trenchless was pleased to be able to assist a customer recently with rapid repair of a UV Curing..

SeaBotix SmartFlight™ vLBV 300 Demo20-Jul-2018

In Australia 30 July to 10 August 2018 BlueZone Group is pleased to announce the demonst..

Attention Water Pipe Asset Managers!19-Jul-2018

Learn how to be recognised as a leader in environmental awareness Today, more than ever, we..

AquaLink (AQ) flow sensors21-Jun-2018

How to accurately measure water flow in a District Metered Area (without any complicated modelling) ..

Find Leaks Under Concrete Slabs and Save Costs20-Jun-2018

Leaking stormwater and sewer pipes are ticking time bombs for concrete slabs. These create localised..

Sewer assets to be managed with new technology20-Jun-2018

A new device being trialled by Melbourne Water is set to better manage over 400km of sewer mains. ..

MiniFlex Cleaner at Munich18-May-2018

Camtronics, the company behind the innovative MiniFlex Camera, “The Curving King” have d..

SVL Raft for Complete Sewer Pipeline Inspection18-May-2018

UVS Trenchless design partners, CISCREA of Toulon, France, have released an innovative new produ..

Emergency Tunnel Inspection in Challenging Conditions01-May-2018

UVS Trenchless has teamed with SeaBotix ROV operators for an emergency inspection of a tunnel in di..

Tunnel Inspection in Challenging Conditions30-Apr-2018

UVS Trenchless has teamed with SeaBotix ROV operators for inspection of a tunnel in difficult c..

Underwater Laser Scanners for Tunnel Inspection30-Apr-2018

Water tunnels will gradually deteriorate over time, resulting in structural distress. Acquiring comp..

SewerSerpent225® Now Available Through Kennards Hire27-Mar-2018

UVS Trenchless is pleased to announce that the innovative SewerSerpent225® is now available for ..

MAC System for Pipeline Condition Assessment23-Mar-2018

UVS Trenchless is pleased to partner with IKT - Institute for Underground Infrastructure for introd..

Successful SECA SewerSerpent® Demonstrations02-Mar-2018

UVS Trenchless and SECA were pleased to conduct two demonstration events for SewerSerpent225® - ..

SewerSerpent® for Property Owner Peace of Mind23-Feb-2018

Many property owners seek peace of mind that the sewer line from their dwelling to the sewer main is..

SewerSerpent® for Quality Control on New Laid Pipe15-Feb-2018

SewerSerpent® has proven its effectiveness for quality control of newly laid pipe in a new sub-d..

High Resolution Inspection of a Flooded Tunnel19-Jan-2018

High resolution inspection of a flooded tunnel was enabled using a Teledyne BlueView T2250 360-degre..

SA Sets Standard with Network Monitoring18-Jan-2018

SA Water’s network was reported as one of the best performing water utilities in Australia in ..

Serpent Pipe Index - Fix Worst Pipes First18-Jan-2018

The Serpent Pipe Index™ (SPI™) is the fast way to compare sewer pipelines for inflow/out..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year19-Dec-2017

From all the team at the UVS Trenchless, we would like to wish all of our customers and supplier..

SewerBullet the Silver Bullet for Sewer Inspection13-Dec-2017

Working with international partners, UVS Trenchless is able to offer the SewerBullet inspection syst..

CISCREA and UVS Partnership Delivers28-Nov-2017

In 2016 UVS announced a partnership with CISCREA of France for sales, distribution and support of CI..

The Benefits of Using Pipe Penetrating Radar28-Nov-2017

UVS Trenchless is now working a major water infrastructure customer on the introduction of Pipe Pene..

Rainwater Tank Inspection26-Oct-2017

Many home owners are choosing to install rainwater tanks to help conserve local drinking water suppl..

Albury City Council Completes Electronic Scanning26-Sep-2017

Albury City Council has completed a project for performing electronic scanning on two catchments wit..

Dam Survey for Underwater Structure Assessment26-Sep-2017

Safety controls in many countries require that dams must undergo an extensive survey that includes i..

Ground cavities next to sewers mapped using in-pipe ground penetrating radar (GPR)26-Sep-2017

Maintenance of sewers in towns and cities all over the world requires large financial resources. One..

Intelligent Water Networks Trial of SewerSerpent® in Victoria26-Sep-2017

The Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) Program has developed and adopted a vision which guides its ope..

Multi-Sensor Inspection Raft for Sewer Pipeline Inspection26-Sep-2017

UVS is pleased to introduce to Australia the Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) Raft for comprehensive in..

Customised Solutions for Demanding Inspections01-Sep-2017

UVS Trenchless draws upon the engineering resources of the BlueZone Group to develop customised solu..

Operator User Interface Design for Pipeline Inspection01-Sep-2017

New sensors and new technologies enable pipeline and tunnel inspection and assessment to be complete..

Aqualink Water Distribution Efficiency17-Aug-2017

AquaLink system is an expandable monitoring platform that enables the water utility companies to gai..

High Resolution Structural Inspection of Flooded Tunnel17-Aug-2017

Acquiring accurate data on the structural integrity of submerged tunnels, as well as shafts and unde..

See SewerSerpent® at No Dig Down Under 201717-Aug-2017

SewerSerpent®, the fastest way to detect leaks and access immediate, on-site diagnosis of sewer ..

SewerSerpent225® Shines at Intelligent Water Networks Trial22-Jun-2017

SewerSerpent225® has completed trials for the Intelligent Water Network program for Pipe Rov..

Wincan VX Supports SewerSerpent® Report Integration14-Jun-2017

Many SewerSerpent® customers have requested the capability to integrate SewerSerpent® re..

SECA Signs on for SewerSerpent®13-Jun-2017

UVS Trenchless is pleased to announce that SECA (Sewer Equipment Company of Australia) has been ..

Serpent Scan Centre Download19-May-2017

Scan Centre software is included with the SewerSerpent® system and makes management and mani..

SewerSerpent® - Rugged & Reliable19-May-2017

SewerSerpent® has completed extensive testing for ruggedness and reliability. Check out some of ..

Albury City Council Tenders for Electronic Scanning18-May-2017

Albury City Council has released an RFQ for performing electronic scanning on two catchments wit..

Setting Standards for Sewer Laterals28-Apr-2017

In this article by IKT, Institute for Underground Infrastructure, the requirements for drainage ..

Pipe Penetrating Radar for Pipeline Condition Assessment21-Apr-2017

UVS Trenchless has organised a demonstration of Pipe Penetrating Radar (PPR) for a major water a..

AquaLink AQ Flow Sensor04-Apr-2017

The AquaLink AQ Flow Sensor is ideal for installation in remote networks where power may be unav..


MiniFlex Sewer Inspection Camera Conquers Curves The MiniFlex Sewer Camera conquers curv..

SewerSerpent for Leak Detection Program22-Mar-2017

SewerSerpent225 has been selected for a future trial in the Intelligent Water Network program fo..

Hungry for new solutions?08-Mar-2017

In this totally new construction based on our high-quality HD-packer the HD TYger is able to rehabil..

Pipe Profiling Sonar for Sewer Contractor08-Mar-2017

UVS Trenchless has specified, supplied and installed a Pipe Profiling Sonar for a major sewer contra..

Sonar for Sewer Inspection08-Mar-2017

High frequency (2.25 MHz) short range sonars provide the answer for imaging and profiling sewer pipe..

SewerSerpent Testing at Byron Bay14-Feb-2017

After a comprehensive testing in Yarra Valley with over 18 tests in 4 days, SewerSerpent® fi..

Precious Water Lost to Leak02-Feb-2017

The newspaper article in the image below illustrates a growing concern in the community for the care..

SewerBatt Tackles Tree Root Intrusion02-Feb-2017

Overflows caused by sewer blockages represent one of the key challenges to Australian urban water ut..

UVS Supports Rollout of SewerBatt Technology16-Jan-2017

UVS Trenchless has provided training support during East Gippsland Water's successful deployment..

SewerSerpent® in the Sunshine22-Dec-2016

SewerSerpent® has completed testing in the warm sunshine of Byron Shire in the North Coast of NS..

Serpent on the Streets14-Dec-2016

SewerSerpent225® has hit the streets with testing in live pipes successfully completed with Veol..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year08-Dec-2016

From all the team at the BlueZone Group (ATSA Defence Services, UVS & U..

SewerSerpent225® Launch Day25-Nov-2016

BlueZone Group company, UVS Trenchless Technology, marked the release of the SewerSerpent225®..

PIPA Hydrocam™ and Pipepod™ for Pressured Pipeline Inspection14-Nov-2016

Hydrocam™ is a fully pressure rated (10 Bar) camera system with seal arrangement and recor..

Serpent Scan Centre14-Nov-2016

The Serpent Scan Centre provides and easy to use way to manage SewerSerpent™ scans, perform fu..

SewerBatt™ Surveying a 15,000 kilometre Network14-Nov-2016

Owing to budget constraints, water companies typically survey less than 1% of their waste water ..

AquaLink Flow Sensor30-Oct-2016

UVS Trenchless partner AquaLink has announced the development of a new flow sensor designed for ..

SewerBatt™ at East Gippsland Water30-Oct-2016

The innovative sonic SewerBatt™ has been successfully deployed at leading Victorian Water ..

Support for Trenchless Technology30-Oct-2016

UVS Trenchless provide support for pipeline condition assessment of all types ranging from the e..

UVS Trenchless at Water New Zealand30-Oct-2016

UVS Trenchless has completed a successful exhibit at the Water New Zealand exhibition in Rotorua..

BlueZone Group Birthday20-Oct-2016

BlueZone Group celebrated its first birthday this September with staff..

SewerSerpent™ at Innovation and Emerging Technology Pavilion – IWA International Water Congress20-Oct-2016

SewerSerpent™, the fastest way to detect leaks in sewers, has been presented at the Innovation..

Unique Emerging Technologies at the 2016 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Brisbane20-Oct-2016

Wednesday October 12, 2016, IWA, Brisbane, Australia The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibit..

Successful SeaBotix Training09-Oct-2016

Staff from UVS workshops in Newcastle and Perth have completed training in all aspects of s..

Innovative Solutions in PIPA Products21-Sep-2016

UVS Trenchless recently presented the innovative PIPA Pipepod technology at Isle Utilities TAG 19 in..

SewerSerpent™ at Australian Utility Week 29 -30 November at Australian Technology Park, Sydney21-Sep-2016

UVS Trenchless is excited to announce that SewerSerpent™ has been accepted in the Australian U..

UVS Partners with CISCREA - Engineering for hostile and industrial environments21-Sep-2016

UVS Trenchless today announced a partnership with CISCREA of France for sales, distribution and supp..

UVS Trenchless Partners with CityCare for AC-ROV Demo21-Sep-2016

UVS Trenchless will partner with CityCare (Christchurch, NZ) for demonstration of the versatile AC-R..

UVS Trenchless to Participate in Emerging Technologies & Innovation Program21-Sep-2016

UVS Trenchless has been selected to participate in the Emerging Technologies & Innovation Pavili..

Presenting PIPA at TAG 1913-Sep-2016

Pipeline Inspection Products and Accessories (PIPA) technology will be presented by UVS Trenchless a..

UVS Partners with AquaLink – Detecting Network Defects in One Day06-Sep-2016

UVS Trenchless today announced a partnership with AquaLink of Slovenia for sales, distribution and s..

SewerSerpent at Stand 105 Water New Zealand, 19 to 21 October in Rotorua26-Aug-2016

Seeks Leaks Fast in Non-conductive Pipes The SewerSerpent™ is the fastest way to dete..

UVS Trenchless at Water New Zealand, 19 to 21 October in Rotorua26-Aug-2016

UVS Trenchless is pleased to attend Water New Zealand, 19 to 21 October in Rotorua and present our r..

A Trenchless Guide to Asset Management19-Aug-2016

An informative resource for asset owners and managers on what trenchless solutions are availabl..

Camtronics Miniflex - The Curving King19-Aug-2016

The MiniFlex is designed specifically for inspection of small diameter pipes and tubes (32 to 100 mm..

SewerBatt Under Test14-Aug-2016

SewerBatt was recently the subject of testing to quantify the accuracy, financial and non-financial ..

UVS Partners with Renssi Drain Cleaning Equipment14-Aug-2016

UVS Trenchless today announced a partnership with Renssi of Finland for sales, distrib..

Meet Sam Mortimore01-Aug-2016

Adding to our workshop service and repair capability, UVS Trenchless Technologies has announced the ..

Camtronics MiniFlex – the Curving King05-Jul-2016

UVS Trenchless has partnered with Camtronics to distribute the MiniFlex camera – the curvi..

HD Sanierungstechnik – Pipe Stoppers05-Jul-2016

HD Sanierungstechnik GmbH is a young and enthusiastic team which develops and sells innovative t..

New SewerBatt Units in Operation05-Jul-2016

UVS Trenchless has delivered two SewerBatt units late June to East Gippsland Water and Goulburn ..

IFAT 2016 in Munich - The world’s leading trade fair for water, sewerage, waste and raw material07-Jun-2016

UVS Trenchless delegates have recently attended IFAT 2016 in Munich, Germany. IFAT is the world&..

Latest News: New Techniques for Cleaning Pipelines with High Pressure Water Cutter07-Jun-2016

At IFAT in Munich UVS Trenchless delegates were impressed to see the powerful and innovate water..

Micro Generators for Electrical Power from Pipeline Flow07-Jun-2016

Improved management of the smart water networks of the future will be enabled by enhanced measur..

Allpipe Technologies Adopts SewerBatt(tm)24-May-2016

Allpipe Technologies has become the latest operator to adopted the innovative SewerBatt(tm) pipeline..

Introducing the PIPA Pipepod LS(tm)24-May-2016

Pipeline Inspection Products and Accessories (PIPA) of Derby, UK, continues to develop their innovat..

UVS Partners with SeaView Systems for Long Range CCTV Technology for Underground Sewers24-May-2016

UVS Trenchless has partnered with SeaView Systems (Dexter, Michigan) for development of Long Range C..

Acoustic Sensing Technology Launches SewerBatt(tm) Vision06-May-2016

The Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule exists in most industries and the drainage industry is no dif..

FlowLab Training Equips Engineering Team06-May-2016

Marc Furedi of Boontec Smart Services has completed training in the FlowLab product range for th..

TT01 Float Upgrade for Rangedale06-May-2016

UVS has completed an upgrade of the TT01 – Large Tunnel Inspection Unit (LTIU) for Ranged..

FLT 40FH Flowmeter for Fire Hydrant Flow & Pressure Measurement18-Apr-2016

FLT 40FH Flowmeter for Fire Hydrant Flow & Pressure Measurement The FLT 40FH Flowmeter h..

PIPA Pipepod S11-Apr-2016

Pipepod S™ - Leak Detection System for Small Diameter Service Pipes UVS Trenchless is..

Pipepod™ Trials for Oil & Gas Pipelines15-Mar-2016

The Pipepod™ Hydrostatic Leak Locator System is designed to pull through a unique capsule and ..

SewerBatt™ in London Underground15-Mar-2016

Many Australians have been at London Underground stations and heard the a..

SewerSerpent(tm) at US Wastewater TAG 1615-Mar-2016

The innovative SewerSerpent(tm) technology for fast detection of sewer leaks has been presented ..

Fire Hydrant Electromagnetic Flowmeter11-Mar-2016

UVS in association with Boontec is please to introduce the FLT40FH - Fire Hydrant Electromagnetic Fl..

SewerBatt(tm) a Succesful TAG Technology11-Mar-2016

The SewerBatt(tm) acoustic sensing system has been one of the most successful TAG trials to date. ..

Turn to UVS Trenchless for Pipeline Assessment, Remediation and Specialised Engineering11-Mar-2016

UVS Trenchless is pleased to announce an increased product range that offers our customers produ..

FlowLab Technologies - Specialised Instruments for Fluid Flow Measurement29-Feb-2016

UVS Trenchless is pleased to announce exclusive representation for the introduction of FlowLab techn..

PIPA Leak Locator System for Pressurised Water Pipes25-Feb-2016

PIPA Leak Locator System products are now available in Australia for purchase through UVS Trenchless..

HERMES Technology - ERGELIT Dry Mortars & Grouting17-Feb-2016

ERGELIT Dry Mortars & Grouting are ready-to-use, high quality specialty mortars, that are easily..

SewerSerpent at TAG USA15-Feb-2016

SewerSerpent has been selected to present at the US Wastewater Technology Approval Group (TAG) 16 in..

Hermes Technology Products28-Jan-2016

UVS Trenchless is now pleased to offer Hermes products that cover almost every area of sewer repair ..

PIPA Pipeline Inspection Products28-Jan-2016

UVS Trenchless is now pleased to offer PIPA pipe inspection products and accessories for pipeline in..

ROV for Deep Tunnel Inspection18-Jan-2016

At the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Diego in October 2015 a presentation featured the ..

DAM/BLOK™ Splice Kits - the Ultimate Cable Splice12-Jan-2016

The UVS Trenchless workshop has significant experience in the application of cable splices for repai..

SeaBotix ROV for Tank Inspections12-Jan-2016

SeaBotix operators AUS-ROV have recently reported on a number of jobs that have completed with the v..

SewerSerpent Low Maintenance12-Jan-2016

SewerSerpent™ is a reliable and low-maintenance system. Maintenance and handling requirements ..

SewerSerpent™ Well Recieved at TAG1622-Dec-2015

SewerSerpent™, the innovative system for rapid location of sewer leaks, has been well received..

Underwater Laser Based Measurement22-Dec-2015

UVS Trenchless as a part of the BlueZone Group has access to a wide range of technologies from our p..

How Much Money are you Spending on Service?18-Dec-2015

Many UVS Trenchless customers are concerned with the costs of maintenance of their systems and equip..

Merry Christmas 201518-Dec-2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From all the team at the BlueZone Group (ATSA Defence Servic..

SewerSerpent™ Selected for TAG1630-Nov-2015

SewerSerpent™, the innovative system for rapid location of sewer leaks, has been selected for ..

Cable Damage? UVS Can Repair It!26-Nov-2015

Using skills from the subsea industry, UVS Trenchless has completed the repair of a large cable for ..

SewerBatt™ improves Coliban Water Services26-Nov-2015

SewerBatt™ has been in use since July 2015 by Coliban Water in Victoria for checking the condi..

SewerBatt™ Training at Queensland Urban Utilities26-Nov-2015

UVS Trenchless has completed on-site training for the SewerBatt™ acoustic sensing system for Q..

SewerSerpent™ - An Exciting New Technology that Adds Value to Pipeline Condition Assessment30-Oct-2015

The SewerSerpent is the fastest way to detect leaks and access immediate, on-site diagnosis of sewer..

IBAK Panoramo Training27-Oct-2015

UVS Trenchless technicians have completed IBAK Panoramo training at the IBAK Sydney office under the..

New Contractors Adopting SewerBatt™27-Oct-2015

Reliable information on pipe condition is needed to accurately estimate the remaining service life o..

SewerBatt™ Reduces CCTV Surveys by 33%27-Oct-2015

SewerBatt™ has been in use since May 2015 by Thames Water in the UK for checking the condition..

Push Rod Cable – The Critical Link28-Sep-2015

At No Dig Downunder on the Gold Coast UVS Trenchless launched the SewerSerpent225™ (http://www..

SewerSerpent225™ Launch at No Dig Downunder 201525-Sep-2015

UVS Trenchless was pleased to launch the SewerSerpent225™ at No Dig Downunder on the Gold Coas..

UVS Trenchless Joins BlueZone Group25-Sep-2015

UVS Trenchless has joined with UVS ( and ATSA Defence Services (http://www.ats..

SewerBatt™ Integrates with IBM Maximo Asset Management Software26-Aug-2015

After being recognised by InfoNet, a purpose-built Infrastructure Management System (IMS) for water ..

SewerSerpent – Seeks Leaks Fast26-Aug-2015


Different Types of Push Rod Cameras12-Aug-2015

Push rod cameras are used for remote visual inspections in many different industries: for example th..

Acoustic Sensing Option for Sydney Water04-Aug-2015

In a Request for Tender for Conduit Condition Inspection and Network Repair released in July 2015 by..

How to Maintain a Camera System? – Part 3: The Importance of a Good Quality Cable24-Jul-2015

In the June newsletter, Trenchless Talk covered cable maintenance and the cable as an important part..

InfoNet Adds Acoustic Survey Object09-Jul-2015

InfoNet is a purpose-built Infrastructure Management System (IMS) for water distribution, wastewater..

SewerBatt Tackles Tree Roots09-Jul-2015

Long drought in many areas of Australia has seen an increase in the quantity of blockages in sewer m..

How to maintain a camera system? – Part 2: Cable07-Jul-2015

The cable is an essential part of any type of camera system (e.g. pus..

NEW SewerBatt™ website launched by Acoustic Sensing Technology30-Jun-2015

Acoustic Sensing Technology, the company behind SewerBatt™ has launched its new website to sho..

How to maintain a camera system? – Part 1: Cleaning27-May-2015

This is a topic that will be of interest to all camera users. How to maintain your camera system? Th..

Triple awards recognition for SewerBatt ™27-May-2015

SewerBatt ™ from Acoustic Sensing Technology has recently been nominated as a finalist in thre..

Rapid Re-configuration27-Apr-2015

Reacting to an urgent customer requirement, the workshops at UVS Trenchless in Boronia, VIC has succ..

SewerBatt Flies thought Drainage Assessment27-Apr-2015

Drainage engineers know that poor trackside drainage can cause track bed movement, distort rails; ca..

UVS Trenchless Partners with Hibbard Inshore10-Apr-2015

UVS today announced a partnership with Hibbard Inshore for sewer inspection and repair service provi..

SewerBatt Operational Model – Using RAG Analysis09-Mar-2015

The SewerBatt™ Operational Model using Red Amber Green (RAG) analysis is a simple and powerful..

Under the Big Apple09-Mar-2015

UVS Trenchless partner, SeaView Systems, is approaching completion of the custom “Chiton&rdquo..

Why Do It Tough?09-Mar-2015

SewerBatt™ Finds Clear Pipeline Fast! SewerBatt™ is the fast and easy way to find the cl..

UVS Trenchless Partners with SeaView Systems26-Feb-2015

UVS Trenchless has partnered with SeaView Systems Inc. to bring an enhanced capability for ROV pipel..

EPA Report on SewerBatt – Part 213-Feb-2015

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a report Demonstration of Inno..

Solar Installation at UVS Newcastle office13-Feb-2015

The UVS Newcastle office is now “powered by the sun” following the installation and comm..

UVS Workshop Continues ISO 9001 Accreditation13-Feb-2015

The UVS Trenchless workshop located in Melbourne at 9 Macquarie Place, Boronia 3155 has been providi..

SewerBatt™ Shows the Way - Gippsland Water Trial27-Jan-2015

UVS has completed scans of over 3km of pipeline using SewerBatt™ for Gippsland Water and has d..

SewerBatt™ - Mk 219-Jan-2015

Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK) has released the SewerBatt™ “Mk 2” in late 2014. ..

EPA Report on SewerBatt12-Jan-2015

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a report “Demonstrat..

SewerBatt™ Training in NZ16-Dec-2014

In early December UVS Trenchless conducted training for operation of the innovative SewerBatt™..

Sanrig’s AC-ROV for Safer Underwater Inspections10-Dec-2014

SANRIG has acquired a compact AC-ROV remote operated vehicle for its wate..

Z-Boat for Water Survey Applications10-Dec-2014

Fast and safe survey of Stormwater Management Ponds and Irrigation Channels Stormwater ponds are fou..

IBAK Service Upgrade21-Nov-2014

UVS is committed to providing improved services for IBAK users in Australia. UVS service technicians..

SewerBatt™ International Certification21-Nov-2014

Acoustic Sensing Technologies (AST) is in the final process of entering SewerBatt™ for WRC..

Veolia and UVS Conduct SewerBatt™ workshop for SEQ Authorities23-Oct-2014

Veolia in conjunction with UVS has organised a SewerBatt™ workshop for South East Queensland (..

SewerBatt™ in Christchurch15-Oct-2014

UVS Trenchless Senior Technician, Erik Wilson, has supported demonstration and training of SewerBatt..

Batt-tastic! – SewerBatt™ Trials in Scotland11-Oct-2014

Three Sewer Response teams from across Scotland are currently trialling newly developed SewerBatt&tr..

Remotely Operated Vehicles for Infrastructure Inspection11-Oct-2014

Recent advances in sonar technology combined with modern Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have enab..

Gold Coast Desalination Plant Tunnel Inspections08-Oct-2014

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) was used to inspect the 2.2 kilometre intake tunnel and the 2 kilo..

Technician Training08-Oct-2014

UVS Trenchless technicians has completed Troglotech training and will complete factory-training on I..

A Stronger and More Powerful SewerBatt™07-Oct-2014

How are Water Authorities saving 30% in Sewer and Stormwater pipe inspection? In the last 9 m..

Pipe Inspection Pushrod CCTV Rental30-Aug-2014

Many UVS clients have requested at CCTV Rental Service that will enable them to get back “on t..

SewerBatt™ Arrives in New Zealand30-Aug-2014

New Zealand is preparing to experience the first SewerBatt™ pipeline assessments for rapid ide..

SewerBatt™ Collaborative Trial Report23-Jul-2014

The SewerBatt™ technology has been developed as a rapid screening method using acoustic signal..

SewerBatt® at Singapore International Water Week 201425-Jun-2014

SewerBatt® the innovative acoustic scanning system for pipeline condition assess..

SewerBatt® trial for Public Utilities Board (PUB) - Singapore25-Jun-2014

A SewerBatt® trial was delivered to PUB Water Reclamation (Network) Department team on the 4th o..

SewerBatt™ Demo for MidCoast Water25-Jun-2014

On 18 June UVS Trenchless conducted at demonstration of the innovative SewerBatt™ Acoustic Sen..

UVS Appointed as Sewerquip External Service Centre25-Jun-2014

UVS Trenchless Technology is pleased to announce appointment by the Sewerquip Australia part as a Se..

UVS Trenchless is becoming the heart of trenchless service equipment25-Jun-2014

The UVS Trenchless workshop located in Melbourne at 9 Macquarie Place, Boronia 3155 has been providi..

UVS Appointed as Ridgid External Service Centre30-May-2014

UVS Trenchless Technology is pleased to announce appointment by the RIDGID (

UVS Trenchless Hosts HunterNet Meeting28-May-2014

On Tuesday 20 May more than seventy members of the HunterNet Engineering Cooperative were hosted at ..

SewerBatt® Savings Shown at Ozwater 201408-May-2014

In a paper presented at OzWater 2014 by Jean-Christophe (JC) Schrotter, Technical Director at Isle U..

SewerBatt® Shines at OzWater 201408-May-2014

SewerBatt® the innovative acoustic scanning system for pipeline condition assessment attracted k..

UVS Trenchless and Veolia Water Network Services Enter into Agreement to Support SewerBatt™ Rollout01-Apr-2014

UVS Trenchless is pleased to announce an agreement with Veolia Water Netw..

New Trenchless Services21-Mar-2014

UVS is taking a new approach on how to provide a better service and maintain our excellence in servi..

UVS Appointed as IBAK Service Partner21-Mar-2014

UVS Trenchless Technology is pleased to announce appointment by IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH (http://www...

SewerBatt™ in Singapore28-Feb-2014

UVS has completed a demonstration of SewerBatt technology for PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency..

SewerBatt to Feature at Ozwater29-Jan-2014

Innovative pipeline assessment technology "SewerBatt" will be feature in a paper to be presented at ..

Appointment of Eduardo Santos as General Manager22-Jan-2014

UVS – Trenchless Technology has announced the appointment of Eduardo Sant..

ASTM F2550-13 approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)19-Dec-2013

ASTM F2550-13, a cornerstone for redefining how pipeline leaks are identified and measured in water ..

SewerBatt™ Training complete19-Dec-2013

UVS was please to host Dr. Tareq Bin Ali, Senior Engineer, of Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK) L..

UVS Appointed as SewerBatt Distributor19-Dec-2013

UVS is pleased to announce appointment as a distributor in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore ..

Busy Time at No Dig Down Under17-Oct-2013

UVS Trenchless Technologies received a steady stream of enquires during a recent exhibition at No-Di..

UVS features in Sewer and Storm Chronicles04-Oct-2012

Promising to “lay down the law” on sewer and storm water field investigations, “Sh..