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Latest News

Latest News

Saab MuMNS ROV for MMCM Program16-Dec-2020

World’s first fully-integrated unmanned mine countermeasures system France and the United Kingdom have co..

Seaeye Falcon for Aquaculture Applications16-Dec-2020

Ideal for aquaculture work, a third Seaeye Falcon has been delivered to Chile-based Underdeep Solutions Reliabil..

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles in the Maritime Domain16-Dec-2020

Launch of Navy Remote and Autonomous System & Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2040 The Royal Australi..

Work Inspirations Visit16-Dec-2020

In December BlueZone was pleased to host a ‘Work Inspirations’’ visit from Youth Express. Youth Ex..

Australian Maritime College Visit15-Dec-2020

REMUS Reliable Ocean Robots Support Innovative Training Darren Burrowes and Andrew Hazell were pleased to ..

Enhancing Australia’s Port and Harbour Security26-Nov-2020

Unmanned Surface Vehicles Beyond Human Performance Australia’s ports are the critical nodes for exports an..

REMUS Demonstrates Operational Flexibility26-Nov-2020

REMUS 100 Deployed from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle In an event hosted in the Royal Navy carrier HMS Princes o..

Shark Tags Get ClearSignal® Treatment26-Nov-2020

Quality Antifouling for 10-year Tag Life When the NSW Department of Primary Industries needed a high-quality and..

BlueZone partners for Medium Range Diver Propulsion Vehicle29-Oct-2020

SUEX and Blueprint Subsea Join Team to Deliver Divers Downunder BlueZone is pleased to announce a partners..

Trade Up to a Seabotix vLBV29-Oct-2020

Special Limited Time Offer For a limited time you can trade in your current ROV toward a Seabotix vLBV300 or vLB..

BlueZone hosts Senator Hughes for Unmanned Maritime Systems Support Centre Opening15-Oct-2020

Building a Sovereign Industry Capability Senator Hollie Hughes, the Patron Senator for the Hunt..

Defence Innovation Hub Award – Theatre ASW using Wave Gliders15-Oct-2020

Unmanned Surface Vehicles Supporting Undersea Surveillance BlueZone Group, and our industry partners Sonartech ..

Bravo for Falcon28-Sep-2020

State-of-the-art manipulators adds to Falcon tooling The Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV is the most successful underwate..

DeepSea in the Challenger Deep28-Sep-2020

First ever 4K video of Challenger Deep 10,925m BlueZone supplier DeepSea Power & Light is excited to share n..

First REMUS Service in Australia28-Sep-2020

Building a Sovereign Industry Capability BlueZone Group is pleased to announce that service of two Next Gen..


Accelerating Innovation in Unmanned Surface Vehicles BlueZone supplier MARTAC has launched a new series of MANTA..

Wayfinder DVL22-Sep-2020

Precise Performance in a Pocket-sized Package Teledyne RD Instruments has announced the launch of our new highly a..

BlueZone and Markforged 3D Printing - Virtual Factory Tour11-Sep-2020

Tuesday September 15, 2020 1pm AEST Join BlueZone Group with Markforged for a LIVE video broadcast from ..

Celebrating 20 Years of Double Eagle in Australia27-Aug-2020

A Mine Disposal System that Meets the Challenge of Australia Conditions First introduced to service in 1999, the..

BlueZone Group / SubSeaSail Distributor Agreement Announcement 20-Aug-2020

Game Changing USV Engineered for Simplicity BlueZone Group is pleased to announce the appointment by Sub..

RESON SeaBat F30 sonar17-Aug-2020

Understanding the most unique sonar from Teledyne Marine The RESON SeaBat F30 sonar, is a unique and highl..

AUV62-AT Intermediate Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Target10-Aug-2020

Train as You Fight BlueZone Group is pleased to announce support to Saab Australia for the future manageme..

FlexiClean Biofouling Cleaning29-Jul-2020

Biofouling removal tool for smaller ROVs to reduce costs and save time The electrically-powered FlexiClean Micro red..

Wave Glider SV3 v300 Bound for Australia29-Jul-2020

More Power and Easier, Faster Vehicle Preparation for Larger Fleets A Wave Glider SV3 v300 Uncrewed Surface Vehi..

What Would a Near-Term, COTS, MCM Solution Look Like?29-Jul-2020

Moving Forward with Effective—and Timely—MCM Uncrewed surface vehicles have the potential to p..

Subs in Schools Sails On28-Jul-2020

Productive Partnership between BlueZone and St Philip’s Christian College BlueZone is again pleased to..

SeaBotix ROV Blowfish30-Jun-2020

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Application The Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV 300 ROV has demonstrated its vers..

Unmanned Logistics to the Beach & Beyond30-Jun-2020

“The question is not will the Navy use unmanned maritime systems in military operations, but rather how many..

3D Printing - #TheAdditiveMovement29-May-2020

High Quality Parts Manufacture with Rapid Turnaround BlueZone is pleased to join the #TheAdditiveMovement..

OceanTools D7 & D10 DyeTectors®29-May-2020

Advanced subsea dye detection system BlueZone is pleased to announce the OceanTools D7 & D10 DyeTector..

Teledyne RD Instruments: WinRiver II v2.22 - New Features29-May-2020

Teledyne RD Instruments has announced great new features for WinRiver II software: Ability to manually input edge..

DIN Pilot Projects - Call for Proposals - Mine Countermeasures30-Apr-2020

BlueZone is pleased to participate in the NSW Defence Innovation Network (DIN) through initiation of a project in th..

MARTAC Systems Early Adopter Program for MANTAS T24 Unmanned Surface Vehicle30-Apr-2020

BlueZone group partner, MARTAC Systems has announced an Early Adopter Program for the revolutionary MANTAS T24..

New Features to the Teledyne RESON SeaBat T-Series30-Apr-2020

Free of charge updates easily applied with easy-to-use SeaBatUpdater Teledyne Marine has announced several new f..

Saab Seaeye Sea Wasp to be Delivered to the Dutch Navy30-Apr-2020

BlueZone group partner, Saab Seaeye has received an order from the Defence Material Organisation (DMO), within the M..

Conducting a Factory Acceptance Test over the Internet30-Mar-2020

Innovative Response to COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Through our work for Defence, BlueZone Group has been design..

Sea Mine Defences that Instigated the Gallipoli Landings30-Mar-2020

Remembering the naval battles around ANZAC Day April 25, ANZAC Day, is the Australian day national day of ..

Sensor Fusion on Unmanned Surface Vehicles30-Mar-2020

Getting the Full Picture – Above and Below Water Advances in sensor performance driven by the continua..

Double Eagle SAROV Ordered for Mine Countermeasures14-Feb-2020

Safe, versatile and cost-effective hybrid system that can perform both detection and disposal of maritime explosives..

Hydroid joins Huntington Ingalls Industries14-Feb-2020

Support for the Future of Robotic and Autonomous Systems for the ADF Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) announc..

Fishy Business12-Feb-2020

ClearSignal® Coating for Fish Tracking and Aquaculture Applications Unlike anti-fouling systems that rely on..

REMUS 300 Delivered to US Navy12-Feb-2020

Game-changer for the small UUV class Hydroid has announced they have delivered the first REMUS 300 Unmanned Unde..

ClearSignal® Coating for Biofouling Prevention in Offshore Oil & Gas29-Jan-2020

Toughness and Adhesion to the Substrate Enables Robust Cleaning The ClearSignal® toughness and adhesio..

MANTAS USV at TMTW29-Jan-2020

Modular and Scalable Design for Rapid Payload Conversion The Marine Tactical Systems MANTAS Unmanned Surfa..

Teledyne Marine Announces 2020 Academic Product Grant29-Jan-2020

BlueZone is pleased to support Teledyne Marine in their offer to the next generation of technologists and explorers ..

Minehunting Ships Remain Essential28-Jan-2020

Shock hardened ships for low-risk way to minefield prosecution The Russian minehunter "Ivan Antonov" has joined..

REMUS Automated Target Recognition Trial at Jervis Bay28-Jan-2020

An Important Step in Trusted Autonomy Trials at ‘Summerfest 2019’ at Jervis Bay in December 2019..

Devil in the Detail for Accelerating Autonomy18-Dec-2019

The ASPI Report Accelerating Autonomy (

Subs in Schools Success – Coast-to-Coast18-Dec-2019

BlueZone is pleased to congratulate our Subs in Schools sponsored teams for outstanding results in the Australian Na..

BlueZone Supports 2019 Navy Interservice Golf Team29-Nov-2019

BlueZone Group has supported Navy Golf in the ACT Interservice Matchplay championships staged at Mollymook in Octobe..

BlueZone Supports Team Orca for Subs in Schools29-Nov-2019

Western Australia Overall Champions to compete at National Finals BlueZone is pleased to announce support for “Tea..

Double Eagle Next Generation Technology at Multinational Mine Warfare Exercise29-Nov-2019

Key technology utilised in the Mine Warfare task The Double Eagle Mine Disposal System operated from the Huon Class..

REMUS Training at Jervis Bay29-Nov-2019

BlueZone and Hydroid support training of Navy Deployable Geospatial Survey Teams BlueZone and Hydroid have been ple..


Affordable, Reliable, Durable Conservation Moorings Safe-Moor™ provides advanced mooring technology to protec..

Subsea Power Enabling New Autonomous Technology Applications29-Oct-2019

New Technologies Provide New Options for Subsea Energy The 2019 Autonomous Underwater Technology conference was ..

Saab Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System (MuMNS) Deployed from USV28-Oct-2019

Powerful, reliable and adaptable vehicle that can be used in a variety of different roles Initiated in 2012 unde..

U.S. Navy orders more REMUS marine robotic systems28-Oct-2019

The U.S. Navy has awarded Hydroid, Inc a contract extension of US$52.3 million for the MK 18 (REMUS) family of Unman..

Defence Reserves Support Visit24-Oct-2019

BlueZone Group was pleased to participate in a Defence Reserves Support Visit to RAAF Williamtown. BlueZone techni..

Pacific 2019 and Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop24-Oct-2019

October was a busy month for the BlueZone team meeting with our major customer, the Royal Australian Navy, at Pacifi..

12-tonne Winch Cable Termination Validated by X-Ray26-Sep-2019

The BlueZone Perth facility has completed termination of a cable fitted to a 12-tonne winch for an Offshore Oil &..

Blue Zone Group Partners with MARTAC for MANTAS Unmanned Surface Vehicle26-Sep-2019

BlueZone Group and MARTAC partner to expand sales and marketing of the MANTAS USV system to Military, Commercial a..

Remote MCM – Search, Detection and Classification26-Sep-2019

Remote MCM – Search, Detection and Classification Many countries are moving to Autonomous Underwater Vehic..

Teledyne and Trimble Partnership26-Sep-2019

Teledyne and Trimble Partnership Teledyne and Trimble have announced a Partnership with the objective to increas..

Unmanned Maritime Systems Fleet Grows in Australia26-Sep-2019

Next Generation REMUS 100 AUV joins Double Eagle ROV The fleet of Unmanned Maritime Systems operated in by the R..

Camera Enclosures for Harsh Environments30-Aug-2019

Underwater experience ensures a reliable solution As machine vision cameras and hardware are increasingly deploy..

ClearSignal® Coating Under Test28-Aug-2019

Applications in Defence and Offshore Oil & Gas ClearSignal® coating is under test at east and west coas..

Paul “Monty” Montgomery Receives Defence Industry Service Commendation28-Aug-2019

BlueZone Group was pleased to join with more than fifty other representatives from Hunter industry to see Paul &ldqu..

REMUS 100 Sea Trial Confirms CAT 1B Hydrographic Survey Capability28-Aug-2019

IHO Order 1 surveys by the Royal Australian Navy New Generation Hydroid REMUS 100 Autonomous Underwater Vehic..

SeaBat® F30 High Resolution Forward-looking Multibeam Sonar Demo28-Aug-2019

Unique dual frequency sonar with 2D imaging and 3D FLS bathymetry BlueZone with partners Teledyne Reson ha..

Supporting Subs in Schools28-Aug-2019

Exploring New Depths In STEM BlueZone Group engineers have been pleased to provide support to Subs in Scho..

Norman Ballard Joins BlueZone Group12-Aug-2019

BlueZone is very pleased to welcome Norman Ballard as General Manager Engineering to our team based in Newcastle, NSW. ..

Could unmanned underwater vehicles undermine nuclear deterrence?29-Jul-2019

One author has proposed that emerging technologies like unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) add to the complexity of..

SeaBat T50 for Port of Melbourne29-Jul-2019

BlueZone Group is pleased to announce an order for supply of a Teledyne Reson T50 Multi-Beam Echo Sounder to the Por..

ClearSignal® for Long Term Biofouling Protection25-Jul-2019

High levels of adhesion and greater hardness then other foul release coatings ClearSignal® is a silicone hybrid..

Maritime Geospatial Warfare Unit Field-ready25-Jul-2019

Navy News reports that three new specialist Maritime Geospatial Warfare Unit teams have been declared mission-ready foll..

Approved Technical Support Agency 26-Jun-2019

Approved Technical Support Agency BlueZone Group is pleased to announce that the Principal Engineer of the M..

Saab Seaeye wins the 2019 UTC Subsea Award for Subsea Vehicle Deep Water Residency26-Jun-2019

BlueZone Group is pleased to congratulate Saab Seaeye as winners of the 2019 UTC Subsea Award. Saab achieved a w..

OG05 Teledyne Reson SeaBat® T20P Deployment & Integration Kit24-Jun-2019

Fast & Easy Deployment of SeaBat® T20P Multi-Beam Echo Sounder The OG05 Teledyne Reson T20P In..

Society for Underwater Technology – Evening Technical Meeting31-May-2019

The Future of Subsea Autonomy At the Society for Underwater Technology Evening Technical Meeting on 12 June 2019 in P..

Survey Motor Boat Fleet Re-equips with Teledyne Reson SeaBat® T50P30-May-2019

SeaBat® Sonars Delivered to RAN Hydrographic Service BlueZone Group is pleased to be providing continued support..

EOM Offshore - Sample Products Now Available in Australia23-May-2019

EOM Offshore offers a versatile product portfolio for many ocean monitoring and mooring applications: Paten..

Deployable Mine Countermeasures13-May-2019

Combating the Ultimate Asymmetric Warfare Weapon Mines are the ultimate asymmetric warfare weapon in naval ope..

Tasman DVL13-May-2019

Next Generation DVL Technology Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) has announced the launch of its new next-generati..

BlueZone supports TMT to deliver ROV for submarine rescue30-Apr-2019

Hydrostatic pressure testing an essential step in assurance for ocean systems BlueZone is pleased to provide suppo..

Defence Industry Service Commendation – Paul Montgomery30-Apr-2019

Recognition of outstanding career of service to the Australian Defence Force and defence industry BlueZone is pleased..

Defence Innovation Hub Award – Offboard Detection, Classification & Localisation30-Apr-2019

Unmanned Surface Vehicles for ASW Barrier Operations BlueZone Group is pleased to announce the award of a Defence Innova..

Maritime Unmanned Systems Take Centre Stage at NATO30-Apr-2019

ASW, MCM and More will be enabled by New Technology A report from the Underwater Defence and Security Conference, Sou..

Subsea Supercharger Brings Electric Power to the Seafloor29-Apr-2019

An energy revolution coming to the seabed The Subsea Supercharger developed by Teledyne Energy Systems enables..

Boost to Australian Defence Industry and Innovation Sector09-Apr-2019

BlueZone Group is pleased to join with other innovative companies to develop enhanced capability for Defence followi..

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in Mine Counter Measures19-Mar-2019

Reaching Full Potential with Identification Capability There are Four Phases in a Mine Counter Measures (MCM..

REMUS M3V – Micro 300m UUV19-Mar-2019

Sonobuoy A-size UUVs enable an accelerated MCM timeline Mine Counter Measures (MCM) phases of Detection, Class..

REMUS Sea Launcher19-Mar-2019

Autonomous Deployment and Recovery of UUVs from a USV The REMUS Sea Launcher is a transformational capabi..

DeepWater Buoyancy15-Mar-2019

New Products for Offshore Oil & Gas DeepWater Buoyancy has announced a range of new products to service ..

Z-Boat Unmanned Vehicles as a Force Multiplier15-Mar-2019

The Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boat is a low-cost but powerful force multiplier, providing the capability of a small boat m..

EOM Offshore – Versatile Product Portfolio26-Feb-2019

EOM Offshore – Versatile Product Portfolio EOM Offshore offers a versatile product portfolio for man..

SUT Evening Technical Meeting – 13 February – Perth26-Feb-2019

Surveying Subsea with the Latest Technologies BlueZone CTO, Darren Burrowes, joined with other presenters for th..

BlueZone Group and Marine Advanced Robotics Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement14-Feb-2019

BlueZone Group and Marine Advanced Robotics (MAR) are pleased to announce the signing of an Exclusive Distribution A..

Versatile Double Eagle Integrates Solstice Sonar14-Feb-2019

The versatility and adaptability of the Saab Double Eagle system is demonstrated by an ability to integrate latest s..

Don’t Kill the Navy Mine Countermeasures Triad13-Feb-2019

In this perceptive article the challenges faced by the US Navy in Mine Countermeasures (MCM) are discussed. Like man..

DL24 Acoustic Modem Configurator24-Jan-2019

Intuitive Programming of Benthos Acoustic Modems The intuitive graphical user interface of the A..

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers23-Jan-2019

Widespread Applications Stem from Diverse Measurement Capabilities. Rather than a spinning propeller, the Acoust..

The Navy ACT Interserve Matchplay 2018 Team at Mollymook, NSW23-Jan-2019

BlueZone Supports Navy Golf Team BlueZone Group has supported Navy Golf in the ACT Interservice Matchplay champi..

Side Scan Sonar used to locate HMS Beagle anchor near Darwin14-Jan-2019

An anchor belonging to Charles Darwin’s ship is believed to have been found in a remote river in the Northern ..

RAN Minehunters lead the pack in mine detection, identification and neutralisation14-Dec-2018

BlueZone Group congratulates HMA Ships Gascoyne and Huon contributing to the Multi-National Navy Mine Warfare Exerci..

REMUS Hi SAS14-Dec-2018

REMUS 600 with HISAS 2040 Synthetic Aperture Sonar Hydroid Inc., has successfully comple..

Successful Demonstrations at Autonomous Warrior 201828-Nov-2018

BlueZone Group project management, technical and engineering staff have completed successful demonstrations at Auton..

EOM Offshore Joins BlueZone for Distribution27-Nov-2018

EOM Offshore Joins BlueZone for Distribution BlueZone Group is pleased to welcome EOM Offshore..

GPS Denial - DVLs Offer a Robust Navigation Solution23-Nov-2018

GPS denial is a real risk to defence operations globally. In November 2018 it was reported that Russian efforts to d..

New Generation REMUS 100 for Netherlands23-Nov-2018

The Royal Netherlands Navy’s Mine Service has added three New Generation REMUS 100 marine robots to enable mapping..

Perth Adds Live Pressure Testing23-Oct-2018

Assuring High Quality Cable Assembly Delivery The existing hydrostatic pressure test capability at the..

Remotely Operated Vehicles for Real-time Intervention23-Oct-2018

ROVs will remain a required capability in a “balanced force” for Offshore Oil & Gas for many years t..

Australia's Science Community Gets Hands-on Robotics Training22-Oct-2018

Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has begun training stud..

Biofouling Blamed for Fish Farm Failure22-Oct-2018

Biofouling has again been recognised as one cause for failure of a fish farm at Port Stephens, NSW. Nets..

Final Preparations for Autonomous Warrior 201822-Oct-2018

Final Preparations for Autonomous Warrior 2018 BlueZone Group project management, technical and engineering ..

Workhorse Rio Grande ADCP Set to Retire in 201922-Oct-2018

Even a "Workhorse" eventually needs to step aside and leave the hard work to the next generation As o..

BlueZone at 2018 Western Australian Indo-Pacific Defence Conference19-Oct-2018

BlueZone Group will participate in the 2018 Western Australian Indo-Pacific Defence Conference that wi..

BlueZone a Finalist for Optus My Business Awards 201803-Oct-2018

Ahead of the Tide BlueZone is pleased to announce selection as a finalist for the O..

Buzzards Bay to Jervis Bay27-Sep-2018

Supporting Marine Autonomy around the Globe BlueZone is active around the globe in October/November with m..

Greater Hunter Makers Festival 201827-Sep-2018

The inaugural Greater Hunter Makers & Technology Festival in 2016 brought people and ideas together, showcasing ..

Increase your DVL bottom tracking range by 60%27-Sep-2018

Teledyne RD Instruments has announced the release of a new proprietary Extended Range Tracking (XRT) option which is cap..

Moored ADCPs in Action Down Under27-Sep-2018

Array of Teledyne RDI ADCPs Measure East Australian Current The East Australian Current has been studi..

SEA 1770 Ships Out27-Sep-2018

Sensor Equipment for the #DigitalOcean BlueZone Group has shipped five pallets or equipment with a mass of more tha..

Join the Teledyne Marine Hydrophone Contest 201828-Aug-2018

All Teledyne Marine Hydrophone customers and users are invited to submit their favorite Hydrophone recording from their ..

SeaBotix SmartFlight™ vLBV 300 Demo28-Aug-2018

Unleash the power of SeaBotix vLBV BlueZone Group has conducted a successful demonstration of Teledyne SeaBoti..

BlueZone Short Listed for Land Forces 2018 Innovation Awards23-Aug-2018

Unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and Hydrographic Survey capability BlueZone Group..

Greater Hunter Makers Festival – 21 & 22 September – Newcastle – Booth #1523-Aug-2018

The inaugural Greater Hunter Makers & Technology Festival in 2016 brought people and ideas together, showcasing the ..

Training for New Generation of Survey Teams23-Aug-2018

New Tools for Digital Ocean Data Gathers for a 21st Century Navy BlueZone Group has provided training on advanced M..

BlueZone Group at IEEE UNITE 201813-Aug-2018

BlueZone Group joined with several other leading businesses to exhibit at IEEE UNITE 2018 hosted at the Mercure Hote..

Autonomous Oceans: Past, Present and Future27-Jul-2018

BlueZone Group was pleased to support the SSSI NSW Hydrography Commission and Young Professionals to explore and discove..

Priming Grant for BlueZone Group in Trenchless Technology27-Jul-2018

BlueZone Group was pleased to join with 38 other recipients in the award of an Australian Government Priming Grant, ..

Supercharging Autonomy at the MEWG27-Jul-2018

A clear theme of the Maritime Environment Working Group (MEWG) recently conducted in Canberra was that Navy capability f..

SeaBotix SmartFlight™ vLBV 300 Demo20-Jul-2018

In Australia 30 July to 10 August 2018 BlueZone Group is pleased to announce the demonstration of Teledyne S..

Benthos Acoustic Modems Meet NATO’s New JANUS Interoperability Standard18-Jun-2018

Teledyne Benthos have announced that their Acoustic Modems Meet NATO’s New JANUS Interoperability Standard. Pu..

IMOS Rides a Technology Wave18-Jun-2018

BlueZone group welcomes the great support for marine science included in the May 2018 Federal Budget. Two of the hig..

Q-View 2.0 Quality Assessment and Discharge Results All-in-One Report18-Jun-2018

Teledyne RDI Reps is pleased to announce the release of their newly updated Q-View QA/QC software, now designated as..

SeaBat® Sonars Delivered to RAN Hydrographic Service18-Jun-2018

BlueZone Group is pleased to be providing continued support for delivery of Teledyne Reson T50 SeaBat Multi-Beam Echo So..

SeaBotix and BlueView Simulator for Efficient Operator Training18-Jun-2018

The Royal Canadian Navy operates a total of six Teledyne SeaBotix simulators with BlueView multibeam sonar across three ..

Speed is often the Enemy of Safe and Efficient Mine Disposal18-Jun-2018

When asked to provide an overview of the challenges facing alternative mine countermeasure techniques, Royal Navy vetera..

Top Oceanographers Select Wave Gliders to Study Arctic and Southern Oceans18-Jun-2018

Top oceanographers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Scripps) and the Applied Physics Laboratory of the Universi..

REMUS 100 Supports Interoperability25-May-2018

Regional relationships have been strengthened following the completion of the Western Pacific Naval Symposium (WPNS) Min..

Brizo - Wave Monitoring & Tide Gauge using GNSS23-May-2018

Measure Both Wave Height and Direction The Brizo is a highly accurate (1 cm, 3°) directional wave height sensor ..

Army Hydrographic Survey in Support of Amphibious Operations14-May-2018

BlueZone Group has worked closely with The Australian Army on applications of the Teledyne Oceanscience “Z-Boat&rd..

SEA1770 Training Conducted at HMAS Penguin14-May-2018

Training has been conducted on systems and equipment comprising the Fly Away Survey Kit (FASK) for Project SEA1770 R..

Aiding AE1 Organisation20-Apr-2018

Due to the extensive efforts of Rear Admiral Peter Briggs (Retd.) and the team from the Find AE-1 Organisation the wreck..

Launch of the General Acoustics SUBPRO 2545 Sub-Bottom Profiler20-Apr-2018

At Oceanology International in London General Acoustics launched the new SUBPRO 2545 Sub-Bottom Profiler. The SUBPRO 254..

Shooting Fish in a Barrel20-Apr-2018

BlueZone Group congratulates technology partner, SeaView Systems who have been awarded a $25,000 prize awarded for their..

Reducing ROV Operating Costs17-Apr-2018

At Australian Oil & Gas in Perth in March BlueZone Group Project Engineer, Simon Knitter, presented on the Focal 928..

Oceanology International 201823-Mar-2018

BlueZone Group was pleased to learn about the impending release of the “Tasman” Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) f..

REMUS M3V – High-speed and Low-Cost Micro AUV23-Mar-2018

Just prior to Oceanology International 2018 Hydroid announced the release of the new ground-breaking REMUS M3V compact, ..

RS-ORCA Porpoise - Single Channel Acoustic Data Recorder19-Mar-2018

The popular 5 channel RS-ORCA Acoustic Data Recorder is now available as a low-cost single channel variant called the Po..

Pressure Goes West02-Mar-2018

Due to customer demand, BlueZone has relocated a 2000m rated hydrostatic pressure test chamber from workshops in Melbour..

3D Printing - High Quality with Rapid Turnaround23-Feb-2018

BlueZone Group is building on the high quality and rapid turnaround of our Subsea Cable Moulding Service (http://www..

Five Years From PacX23-Feb-2018

More than 5 years have passed since BlueZone supported the recovery of the “Papa Mau” Wave Glider after comp..

Launch of the Kailani Telemetry Buoy23-Feb-2018

BlueZone Group is please to announce the launch of the Kailani Telemetry Buoy. The “Internet of Things at Sea&rdqu..

Curly Cable Moulding for Harsh Applications22-Feb-2018

The BlueZone Group Polyurethane Cable Moulding Service is m..

Saab and BlueZone Team for SEA2400 Phase 122-Feb-2018

"State of the Art" Hydrographic Oceanographic Data Collection Capability Saab Australia and BlueZone Group have tea..

ClearSignal® - Biofouling Protection for the Life of the Instrument15-Feb-2018

Hank Lobe, Director of ClearSignal®, has visited Australia for meetings with a number of BlueZone customers who reco..

Double Eagle for Australian MCM Conditions15-Feb-2018

BlueZone Group company, ATSA Defence Services, has been a service partner for support of the Saab Double Eagle system in..

Engineering Interns - East & West Coast14-Feb-2018

BlueZone Group has been pleased to host engineering interns over the summer university break in our workshops on the Eas..

CAN Bus Communication Protocol for Active Flying Lead Product Family02-Feb-2018

CAN Bus Communication Protocol for Active Flying Lead Product Family Teledyne Oil & Gas has added the Co..

Reef Guardian Research Grants 201818-Jan-2018

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is inviting PhD and MPhil candidates in Australia in the biophysical and so..

Unmanned Vehicles Underway in 201818-Jan-2018

BlueZone Group companies have amassed significant experience in the support of Unmanned Vehicles for maritime operations..

WA Glider Fleet at Work18-Jan-2018

The University of Western Australia operates a large Teledyne Webb "Slocum" Glider fleet from the Indian Ocean Marine Re..

CS24 Camera System for Collins Class Submarine14-Dec-2017

BlueZone Group is now completing an important project for Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) in support of the Colli..

Benthos R-Series Acoustic Release for Reliability13-Dec-2017

An Acoustic Release is a common oceanographic tool used for the deployment and recovery of valuable underwater equipment..

BlueZone Receives AIDN-WA Collaboration of the Year Award13-Dec-2017

BlueZone Receives AIDN-WA Collaboration of the Year Award At the AIDN-WA Christmas Party BlueZone Group was very..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year13-Dec-2017

From all the team at the BlueZone Group, we would like to wish all of our customers and suppliers a very Merry Christmas..

Quick Connect for Countermeasures28-Nov-2017

The Royal Australian Navy Mine Counter Measures force has recently taken delivery of the innovative "Tether Connection M..

REMUS 100 NG Production Kicks-off in Pocasset24-Nov-2017

BlueZone Group was pleased to meet with Hydroid in Pocasset, Massachusetts to kick-off the production of REMUS 100 Next ..

SeaBat® T50-R Multi Beam Echo Sounder for Navy24-Nov-2017

BlueZone has recently supplied a Teledyne Reson SeaBat®T50-R Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES) to the Royal Australian ..

SubSTEC4 - From Deep Space to Deep Ocean24-Nov-2017

BlueZone Group CTO, Darren Burrowes, joined Teledyne Marine Director of Global Defense and Security, Thomas Meurling at ..

Teledyne RD Instruments Sentinel V ADCP New Features!24-Nov-2017

Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) has released two new key features for its highly popular Sentinel V Acoustic Doppler Curr..

Official Opening of the University of Newcastle’s DSA-18 Hub08-Nov-2017

BlueZone Group CTO, Darren Burrowes, was pleased to attend the Official Opening of the University of Newcastle’s ..

Hydroid & Industry Partners Successfully Demonstrate Latest UUV Capabilities at ANTX 201706-Nov-2017

Hydroid, Inc. teamed with L3 Aerospace Systems, Sparton Corporation and AeroVironment, Inc. to successfully demonstrate ..

Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System for Benthos Releases06-Nov-2017

Deepwater Buoyancy has announced the Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System (PUB) is designed to work with both the legacy Teledyne..

Z-Boat 1250 - a Portable, Remotely Operated, Single Beam Survey Boat06-Nov-2017

Teledyne Oceanscience has announced the release of the new Z-Boat 1250, a remotely operated hydrographic survey boat tha..

BlueZone Hosts US chargé d'affaires James Carouso31-Oct-2017

BlueZone Group was pleased to host US chargé d'affaires James Carouso on a factory visit at Newcastle together wi..

Autonomous technology helps scientists put eyes on Great Barrier Reef25-Oct-2017

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in partnership with Boeing, has demonstrated how a high‐tech autonomou..

REMUS 100 New Generation – High Altitude Bottom-Lock25-Oct-2017

At the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Diego, Nick Beaulieu of Hydroid provided a comprehensive description o..

Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop 201725-Oct-2017

The largest ever delegation from the BlueZone Group travelled across the Pacific in October for the 2017 Teledyne Ma..

Teledyne OceanScience Z-Boat 1250 Promotion11-Oct-2017

BlueZone Group is pleased to announce the launch of the newest Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boat in their family of Remotely ..

Falcon Training for CSIRO in Hobart28-Sep-2017

Seaeye Falcon Training for CSIRO staff has successfully been completed on-site at the CSIRO facility in Hobart, Tasmania..

HunterNet member in focus - BlueZone Group28-Sep-2017

BlueZone Group is proud to be a member of HunterNet, widely recognised within Australian manufacturing and academia as t..

BlueZone Group Consolidates25-Sep-2017

BlueZone Group CEO, Neil Hodges, today announced that BlueZone Group would consolidate all activities of ATSA Defence Se..

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) using REMUS 600 and UAV25-Sep-2017

Hydroid and L3 Mission Integration are collaborating on a mission that illustrates the latest unmanned undersea vehicle ..

ZB01 Custom Charger Case25-Sep-2017

The ZB01 Custom Charger Case provides a fast and effective way to charge multiple Z-Boat batteries from one easy to mana..

Underwater Structure Assessment13-Sep-2017

Safety controls in many countries require that underwater structures must undergo an extensive survey that includes deta..

Mooring System Numerical Modeling12-Sep-2017

For many years moorings have been designed using basic mass-drag-buoyancy calculations, spreadsheets, rules-of-thumb, bl..

REMUS 6000 Plays Key Role in the Discovery of the USS Indianapolis Wreckage12-Sep-2017

Hydroid announced that their REMUS 6000 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) was used to gather sonar data by Microsoft c..

SeaVent™ Pressure Relief Valves12-Sep-2017

Many Subsea Electronic Modules require a Pressure Relief Valve to relieve internal pressure due to internal off-gassing...

Salmon Farming Gets New Falcon Technology23-Aug-2017

The largest majority privately owned producer of fresh salmon in Australia, Huon Aquaculture, has ordered a second Saab ..

BlueZone Congratulates Innovative Engineer Andrew Woods14-Aug-2017

BlueZone Group congratulates Dr Andrew Woods of Curtin University for his naming in the 2017 list of “Australi..

ClearSignal® Treatment for SeaBat® T50-P Multibeam Sonar14-Aug-2017

BlueZone Group has completed the first ClearSignal® treatment of a Teledyne Reson SeaBat® T50-P Multibeam Sonar...

Downunder Delegation for Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop14-Aug-2017

BlueZone Group is pleased to announce the largest delegation ever for the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop (TMTW) Oct..

Drone Technology Drives Development14-Aug-2017

Development work for new robotic boat technology for Army is progressing at BlueZone Group driven by technologies availa..

BlueZone Group Supports NSW Inquiry into the Defence Industry11-Aug-2017

BlueZone Group has presented at the NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into the Defence Industry in New South Wales. Bl..

High Resolution Structural Inspection of Flooded Tunnel11-Aug-2017

Acquiring accurate data on the structural integrity of submerged tunnels, as well as shafts and underwater caverns, ..

ClearSignal Coating Continues22-Jun-2017

ClearSignal coating continues to be in high demand with ADCP instruments recently coated for a major customer. Clear..

Army Innovation Award – Robotic Z-Boat20-Jun-2017

BlueZone Group is pleased to announce the award of an order to UVS Pty Ltd for supply of three robotic “Z-Boat..

Autonomous Vehicles for Challenging Southern Ocean Conditions20-Jun-2017

News that Norwegian oil and gas company, Statoil, will explore the Great Australian Bight off South Australia after ..

Bowtech Burns Bright20-Jun-2017

During World War II, the Australian warship HMAS Sydney (II) encountered the German raider HSK Kormoran and after a ..

LIGHTPATH SLS5000 for demo13-Jun-2017

BlueZone UVS is pleased to offer the innovative PhotoSynergy LIGHTPATH product for demonstration in Australia. LIGHT..

Seaeye Falcon Mothership13-Jun-2017

An ingenious idea from Saab Seaeye customer, Stinger Technology, has found a way to penetrate the labyrinth inside o..

Deepsea and DGO30-May-2017

Hollywood director James Cameron secretly built the Deepsea Challenger submarine in Sydney for his voyage to the pla..

Additive Manufacturing at BlueZone Group26-May-2017

The BlueZone Group engineering team have kept the new Markforged carbon fibre / composite 3D printer busy at the Per..

Double Eagle for Assured MCM Capability25-May-2017

With a range of up to 1km and depth rating of 500m the Saab Double Eagle Mine Disposal System remains the reference ..

Kongsberg Maritime Colour Pan and Tilt Zoom (PATZ)25-May-2017

Kongsberg Maritime has launched two new Colour Pan and Tilt Zoom (PATZ) cameras. The OE14-222 (PAL) and OE14-223 (NT..

LIGHTPATH Now Available for Demo in Australia19-May-2017

BlueZone UVS is pleased to offer the innovative PhotoSynergy LIGHTPATH product for demonstration in Australia. LIGHT..

ADCP Silver Service Plus28-Apr-2017

UVS is pleased to offer an ADCP "Silver Service Plus" that combines the popular Silver Service (Laboratory Check) wi..

World Oceans Day - 8 June28-Apr-2017

BlueZone Group joins with the United Nations and organisations around the globe to celebrate World Oceans Day. ..

RS-ORCA TRAC Software21-Apr-2017

RS-ORCA TRAC Software is freely supplied with the broadband RS-ORCA Underwater Acoustic Recorder. TRA..

Teledyne SeaBotix Simulator21-Apr-2017

The many benefits of Virtual Reality for training applications are increasingly being recognised by modern naval for..

3D For Subsea04-Apr-2017

BlueZone Group is excited to announce the acquisition of a an engineering-grade Desktop 3D Printer to complement the..

Advanced Manufacturing at BlueZone Group04-Apr-2017

Blue Zone Group has been pleased to host a visit of delegates organised by the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Cou..

Support for Port Authorities04-Apr-2017

A BlueZone Group team of Hydrographic General Manager, Mark Hegarty, and Defence General Manager, Andrew Hazell, hav..

NEW!! - Q-Boat 1250 for Remote ADCP Measurements28-Mar-2017

Teledyne Oceanscience and Teledyne RD Instruments are pleased to announce the release of the much-anticipated Q-Boat..

Saab Seaye Falcon for Aquaculture28-Mar-2017

Saab Seaye has supplied a second Saab Seaeye Falcon to Abyss Aqua, a key provider of services to the Norwegian aquac..

Aquatec AQUAlogger 310TY22-Mar-2017

The new Aquatec AQUAlogger 310TY solves sediment measurements with turbidity to measurement to 10,000FTU (typical). ..

First Annual Wave Glider Users Group22-Mar-2017

The first annual Wave Glider Users Group has been conducted in At the OCEANS16 Conference in Monterey, California. The ..

RS ORCA Multi-channel Passive Acoustic Recorder22-Mar-2017

BlueZone UVS is pleased to introduce to the Australian market the RS-ORCA Ace - a high specification, multi-channel ..

ADCPs in Autonomous Action13-Mar-2017

Combining the flexibility and power of Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADCP) technology with the autonomous deployment ca..

Success on the Swan River at AOG27-Feb-2017

The team from the UVS Perth office have completed successful innovative on-water demonstrations alongside the Austra..

Teledyne and UVS Continue Close Connection at AOG27-Feb-2017

Teledyne Marine President, Mike Read, has lead a delegation of experienced Teledyne staff for a combined exhibition ..

Report outlines vital role of collaboration for defence capability21-Feb-2017

BlueZone UVS CTO, Darren Burrowes, has participated in the NSW Collaboration for Defence Symposium held at the Univ..

Boeing Developing Air-Drop Capability for SHARC Unmanned Surface Vehicle14-Feb-2017

SEAPOWER Magazine, January 19, 2017 ARLINGTON, Va. — Boeing is developing a kit to air-drop its SHARC ..

Iconic Falcon Adds iCON Intelligent Control14-Feb-2017

The winning formula of the iconic Saab Seaeye Falcon ‐ the most successful underwater electric robotic vehicle of it..

ADCP Bottom Mounts for Aquaculture02-Feb-2017

BlueZone UVS supplier, DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc., has announced the delivery of a significant follow-on order of diver-se..

Surf’s up... down deep02-Feb-2017

Internal waves generated by tidal motions are the dark and silent type. Termed the internal tide, these waves heave the ..

UVS and Teledyne Marine at Australian Oil & Gas02-Feb-2017

Teledyne Marine and UVS will jointly participate in the upcoming Australasian Oil and Gas Conference in Perth, Australia..

DeepSea Power and Light HD Zoom SeaCam and LED Micro SeaCam23-Jan-2017

DeepSea Power and Light are excited to launch the new HD Zoom SeaCam and LED Micro SeaCam. Both cameras offer unique cap..

University of Newcastle Maritime RobotX Team Completes Competition23-Jan-2017

The University of Newcastle (UoN) Maritime RobotX Team has completed competition in Hawaii with many valuable lessons le..

BlueZone UVS teams for Subs in Schools22-Dec-2016

UVS joined with other Perth-based companies to team with local high schools for a Marine Industry School Pathways Pr..

Clever Buoy Goes West22-Dec-2016

BlueZone UVS has supported Shark Mitigation Service in deployment of two “Clever Buoy” systems in Western Au..

ClearSignal® Coating Covered-off08-Dec-2016

Coating of instruments with ClearSignal® biofouling control system is now underway at UVS workshops in Newcastle..

Combating Biofouling in Aquaculture08-Dec-2016

AML Oceanographic have used their UV•Xchange for biofouling control, to enable oxygen sensorsthem to remain in ..

Instrumenting a Mooring? UVS & Teledyne Marine have you covered!08-Dec-2016

Working with Teledyne Marine, UVS can supply proven, industry-leading instruments you need - all from a single supplier...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year08-Dec-2016

From all the team at the BlueZone Group (ATSA Defence Services, UVS & UVS Trenchless), we would like to wis..

Taking the digital revolution to sea: Ocean robotics at an inflection point08-Dec-2016

Imagine an ocean where networks of sensors, manned and unmanned systems, and satellites are connected to give us ins..

Focal Optical Monitoring System & Model 923 Slip Ring Sensor06-Dec-2016

Focal has introduced new products providing advanced optical fiber analysis, reducing down time, saving operating co..

Seaeye Falcon for Aquaculture Support25-Nov-2016

The powerful, portable and versatile Seaeye Falcon Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is demonstrating its ability to s..

SewerSerpent225® Launch Day25-Nov-2016

BlueZone Group company, UVS Trenchless Technology, marked the release of the SewerSerpent225® product with staff..

Z-Boat Demonstration in Perth25-Nov-2016

The BlueZone UVS Perth office has conducted a successful demonstration of a Z-Boat survey completed using a Konsgber..

BlueZone Group at the Greater Hunter Makers Festival17-Nov-2016

BlueZone Group joined over sixty local companies that exhibited at the inaugural Greater Hunter Makers Festival at the N..

SeaBotix Service Starts-up16-Nov-2016

Service for Teledyne SeaBotix Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) has started in style at the BlueZone UVS facility in..

Saab Acquires DAMDIC Manufacturer Nordic Defence Industries14-Nov-2016

Saab has acquired Nordic Defence Industries (NDI), the Danish naval company that designs and manufactures the DAnish..

University of Newcastle Maritime RobotX Challenge Team14-Nov-2016

Students from the University of Newcastle form one of only three Australian teams who have been chosen to compete in..

Unmanned Surface Vehicles Autonomously Detect and Track a Live Submarine14-Nov-2016

During Exercise Unmanned Warrior recently conducted in the UK, Liquid Robotics and Boeing demonstrated used of Wave ..

BlueView M900 2D Imaging Sonar for Demo & Rental30-Oct-2016

The BlueView M900 2D Imaging Sonar is now available from UVS for demonstration and rental. The M900 is the most comp..

Quality Products for Water Resources30-Oct-2016

BlueZone UVS was pleased to participate in the Australian Hydrographers Association 2016 Conference and Exhibition (AHA..

REMUS Report30-Oct-2016

BlueZone UVS supplier Hydroid is growing quickly with new customers, products, buildings and people. Earlier this ye..

BlueZone Group Birthday20-Oct-2016

BlueZone Group celebrated its first birthday this September with staff at all of our sites gathering for cak..

Farewell to Social Media Team20-Oct-2016

We bid farewell to Ingrid and Louis, whose mark on the Bluezone group's social media landscape will be eternal. We w..

Z-Boat at Army Innovation Day 201620-Oct-2016

The versatile Teledyne OceanScience Z-Boat was selected for participation in Army Innovation Day 2016 (AID 2016) held on..

Clever Buoy Receives NEWi Award for Best Government Solution14-Oct-2016

BlueZone Group has been successful in the The Lunaticks Society 2016 NEWi Awards for Digital Creativity, receiving t..

Hassle Free Rental14-Oct-2016

Arranging rental equipment with BlueZone UVS just got even easier! We are now able to bundle equipment insurance for..

DL25 Deployed on South Coast27-Sep-2016

The DL25 Extended Memory and Control (EMAC) for Teledyne RDI ADCPs has been deployed for a wave and current monitoring a..

ADCP-based Monitoring System Aids Operations in Darwin Harbour21-Sep-2016

Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) includes a station at the entrance to Darwin Harbo..

RobotX Report21-Sep-2016

BlueZone Group is a proud sponsor of the University of Newcastle’s 2016 Maritime RobotX team, which competes on an..

SeaBotix ROVs for Aquaculture21-Sep-2016

UVS has recently supplied Huon Aquaculture with Teledyne SeaBotix Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to support their ope..

Sealite Sphere 200 Series21-Sep-2016

DeepSea Power and Light has announced the launch of the next generation SeaLite Sphere. This upgrade to the SeaLite Sphe..

Successful SeaBotix Training21-Sep-2016

Staff from UVS workshops in Newcastle and Perth have completed training in all aspects of support for Teledyne SeaBotix ..

Aquatec Equipment Awards06-Sep-2016

UVS partner, Aquatec Group, are creators of innovative instruments, services and solutions for measurement, monitori..

Greater Hunter Makers Festival06-Sep-2016

BlueZone/UVS is excited to be a participant in the inaugural Greater Hunter Makers Festival (

Successful IEEE Student Outreach06-Sep-2016

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has supported a successful student outreach program conducte..

Release Refurbishment26-Aug-2016

These "before & after" pictures from the UVS workshop demonstrate the complete capability offered for repair, overha..

Z-Boat with MB2 and SeaBotix Little Benthic Crawler for Demonstration in Australia/NZ26-Aug-2016

UVS is pleased to announce the demonstration of two innovative Teledyne Marine products in Australia and New Zealand in ..

ASPI Report - Australian border security and unmanned maritime vehicles19-Aug-2016

In a report published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute the application of Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (UMV), ..

Hamish Shines on Awards Night19-Aug-2016

UVS is pleased to announce that Electronics Technician, Hamish McInnes has been the 2016 recipient of the Josh Woolf..

Leave the River Feeling You are Right on Q19-Aug-2016

The Teledyne RDI RiverPro ADCP is built on the best-selling RioGrande 1200 kHz ADCP and combines recent innovations from..

Robotics for the Royal Australian Navy19-Aug-2016

In 2015 local company ATSA Defence Services joined with UVS Pty Ltd to create the BlueZone Group resulting in a capa..

PORT Push Off Release Transponder 14-Aug-2016

The EdgeTech PORT Push Off Release Transponder Pop-up recovery package is ideal for deployments in coas..

Geo Oceans sets new international benchmark for diverless UWILDs08-Aug-2016

Geo Oceans has used new subsea robotics technology to complete a diverless UWILD (under water inspection in lieu of ..

New Directions in Innovation from ROV Work Experience08-Aug-2016

BlueZone Group has hosted another successful Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) work experience event at the ATSA facil..

Q-Boat in Queensland08-Aug-2016

The Teledyne OceanScience Q-Boat showed its stuff in a demonstration on the South Johnstone river in Innisfail, Quee..

Teledyne in Townsville08-Aug-2016

Dr. Pete Spain, Research Scientist at Teledyne RDI, has finally made it to the Australian Institute of Marine Scienc..

Clever Buoy a Finalist in the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards for Newcastle Division21-Jul-2016

Clever Buoy has been accepted as a finalist in the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards for Newcastle Division. ..

Liquid Robotics Wave Glider for Fish Stock Assessment19-Jul-2016

In South Africa the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has used its expertise in oceanography and..

Saab Launches Multi-shot Mine Neutralisation System19-Jul-2016

Saab has launched the next generation of underwater vehicles for mine neutralisation - the Multi-shot Mine Neutralis..

SeaBotix ROVs on Test19-Jul-2016

UVS has taken delivery of SeaBotix vLBV systems bound for an aquaculture customer in Tasmania. Using the facilities ..

Wave Glider Swims 4519km Home After Helping Fight Illegal Fishing 13-Jul-2016

The Wave Glider® swam 2,808 nautical miles home to the Big Island of Hawaii after successfully completing a 4-month ..

Saab Seaeye - The Island Of Gold, The Leopard And The Falcon06-Jul-2016

Marco Polo described Japan as the Island of Gold for its vast natural gold deposits, long since mined out. But in th..

Teledyne Instruments - Offers on RDI and Benthos Products06-Jul-2016

It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Teledyne has some great promotions on RDI and Benthos products to celebrate...

UVS Partners with Aquatec for Distribution of Environmental Products06-Jul-2016

UVS and Aquatec Group have announced a new representative agreement for distributing Aquatec’s established pro..

Teledyne Benthos New Acoustic Release Products10-Jun-2016

Teledyne Benthos has announced the launch of new Acoustic Release products: · UTS-9400 ..

ATSA Hosts St Phillips School Industry Visit07-Jun-2016

ATSA Defence Services has hosted a School to Industry Visit for a group of Year 11 Engineering Studies students from..

Falcon DR for Focus Subsea24-May-2016

Focus Subsea of Wangara in Perth has recently taken delivery of a Falcon DR (Deep Rated) for integration into their flee..

Liquid Robotics Roadshow24-May-2016

A UVS and Liquid Robotics team has completed a coast-to-coast roadshow of new developments in Wave Glider technology. Th..

Saab Announces Sea Wasp Underwater Anti-IED Robot24-May-2016

ATSA Defence Services, a BlueZone Group company, has announced that service-partner Saab Seaeye has introduced the innov..

US Navy Awards Wave Glider Contract13-May-2016

The US Navy awarded Liquid Robotics a $US10 million sole-source contract for Wave Glider Unmanned Surface Vehicles (..

New Accessories for Teledyne RD Instruments Water Resources ADCPs!06-May-2016

New Accessories for Teledyne RD Instruments Water Resources ADCPs! UVS is excited to announce two new accessorie..

RDA Hunter’s National Leveraging A Stem Workforce For The Future Conference06-May-2016

Jenny Taylor of ATSA Defence Services has participated in RDA Hunter’s National Leveraging A Stem Workforce Fo..

ClearSignal Coating Now Available in Australia18-Apr-2016

ClearSignal Coating Now Available in Australia UVS is pleased to announce an agreement with Severn Marine Techno..

RON II Camera System Under Review18-Apr-2016

UVS is conducting a review of the RON II Camera System installed in the COLLINS Class submarine. Originally designed..

Underwater Connectors18-Apr-2016

Underwater Connectors - Fast Turnaround and Low Price UVS strives to maintain a stock of in-demand connector types s..

ADCP Data in Real Time11-Apr-2016

The Liquid Robotics SV3 Wave Glider supports easy adaption of existing Teledyne RDI Acoustic Doppler Current Profile..

Liquid Robotics’ Ocean Robots Surpass 1 Million Nautical Miles At Sea11-Apr-2016

Liquid Robotics® has announced that its fleets of Wave Gliders® have reached 1 million nautical miles at sea..

Samui Summit11-Apr-2016

The Liquid Robotics Channel Partner Summit was conducted in Koh Samui, Thailand in April. A senior team from Liquid ..

Wave Glider Support in Australia11-Apr-2016

Darren Burrowes, CTO at UVS, presented at the Liquid Robotics Channel Partner Summit in Koh Samui, Thailand in Apri..

Wave Glider to Police UK Marine Reserve11-Apr-2016

The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider will be helping to spot illegal fishing in the world's largest, continuous marine re..

Andrew Hazell Joins BlueZone Group15-Mar-2016

BlueZone Group is pleased to announce that Andrew Hazell has joined BlueZone Group as Gen..

UVS Supports Nautilus Minerals with Oceanographic Equipment Rental15-Mar-2016

UVS has supported Nautilus Minerals with a range of oceanographic equipment from the UVS rental pool for environmental a..

Cable Moulding for Demanding Applications11-Mar-2016

UVS has recently completed development of a new method of cable moulding to meet an overseas customer requirement for RO..

Navy, Army and Air Force Gather At Saab Seaeye11-Mar-2016

Officers from an international group representing Navy, Army and Air Force gathered at Saab Seaeye in Fareham, Hamps..

UVS / BlueZone Group at Australian Oil & Gas in Perth11-Mar-2016

The UVS / BlueZone Group stand hosted a steady stream of visitors at Australian Oil & Gas in Perth in February. ..

Z-Boat Shows Style in Sydney Swimming Pool11-Mar-2016

The Teledyne OceanScience Z-Boat was demonstrated to a gathering of interested delegates at the International Coastal Sy..

Clever Buoy Mk 2 Rides the Waves at Bondi25-Feb-2016

UVS has supported Shark Mitigation Services in the trial of the Clever Buoy shark detection system at Sydney's Bondi Bea..

Drone Cooperation25-Feb-2016

Thanks to "DodyTechie" this video clip shows some of the maneuverability capability of the Teledyne OceanScience Z-Boat ..

Perth Office Presents New Image25-Feb-2016

In the busy week of the Australian Oil & Gas exhibition our Perth team has found time to install new BlueZone Group ..

Pipepod™ Leak Detection for Oil & Gas Pipelines25-Feb-2016

UVS is pleased to offer the Pipepod™ - a unique pressurised sound recording capsule designed for accurate leak det..

UVS Awarded Sub-Contract for SEA177025-Feb-2016

Newcastle, NSW, December 17, 2015 – UVS, A BlueZone Group company, has been awarded a $7.2m sub-contract by Lockhe..

Farewell to Jen Benson15-Feb-2016

It is very disappointing that we have to announce that, due to family commitments, Jen Benson has resigned her position ..

Acoustic Release Tips & Tricks08-Feb-2016

The Acoustic Release is an essential and critical part of many ocean instrument deployments and has been in use since th..

Double Eagle Maintenance Training08-Feb-2016

ATSA Defence Services, a BlueZone Group company, supports the Double Eagle Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) fleet operate..

Doppler Velocity Log for ROV Tunnel Inspection18-Jan-2016

At the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Diego in October 2015 a presentation featured the integration of sever..

Teledyne SeaBotix ROVs added to UVS Range18-Jan-2016

UVS is now able to offer the range of innovative Teledyne SeaBotix vehicles to complement the existing ROVs in our p..

AUS-ROV SeaBotix Operators in Action12-Jan-2016

SeaBotix operators AUS-ROV have recently reported on a number of jobs that have completed with the versatile and reliabl..

Double Eagle Story12-Jan-2016

The Double Eagle Mk II is arguably the world’s most advanced Mine Disposal System, and is now in the service of se..

REMUS Autonomous Launch & Recovery12-Jan-2016

Hydroid has announced the release of Line Capture Line Recovery (LCLR), a self-contained module that is initially offere..

ADCP Silver Service - Book Now for 15% Discount18-Dec-2015


ATSA Fits Innovation & Ideas Boom18-Dec-2015

ATSA Defence Services, a member of the BlueZone Group of companies, has been recognised as a role model for P..

Clever Buoy Development Continues18-Dec-2015

UVS is continuing to support Shark Mitigation Service in development of the Optus “Clever Buoy”, an inno..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year18-Dec-2015

From all the team at the BlueZone Group (ATSA Defence Services, UVS & UVS Trenchless), we would like to wish all of ..

REMUS Roundup - Using an AUV for Passive Detection18-Dec-2015

Bioluminescence emitted from marine organisms upon mechanical stimulation provides a low-tech method of identifying surf..

Clever Buoy Returns to Newcastle30-Nov-2015

The Mark 1 Clever Buoy has returned to Newcastle, NSW for a photo-shoot with the Discovery Channel. Originally developed..

Australasian Hydrographic Symposium at Cairns26-Nov-2015

Teledyne Reson Senior Product Manager Uni Bull joined UVS General Manager Oceanographic & Hydrographic, Mark Hegarty..

Future of Cyclone Monitoring26-Nov-2015

Tropical Cyclones are massive, complicated weather systems that are poorly understood due to their complexity and the di..

Innovative rapidCAST™ Automated Sound Velocity Profiling System26-Nov-2015

Teledyne Oceanscience's new automated sound velocity profiling system rapidCAST™ (

New "RioPro" Upgrade for Rio Grande ADCPs26-Nov-2015

Teledyne RD Instruments has announced the launch of a new upgrade for the widely popular Rio Grande 1200 kHz acoustic Do..

Steel Cities Trade Mission27-Oct-2015

BlueZone Group CTO, Darren Burrowes, joined an Ai Group lead Trade Mission to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in October where ..

Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop Report27-Oct-2015

CTO, Darren Burrowes, and Design Engineer, Josh Berry represented UVS at the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San ..

Z-Boat Platform Improvements and Integrations27-Oct-2015

Development of the Teledyne OceanScience Z-Boat platform and integration of new systems are continuing at a rapid pace. ..

Spring in Newcastle!25-Sep-2015

Our Newcastle office was smashed by a freak hail storm in September. Climate change? More ocean science required to unde..

UVS Joins BlueZone Group25-Sep-2015

UVS has joined with ATSA Defence Services ( to form the BlueZone Group (http://www.bluezonegroup...

What the Navy's Future Focus Means for WA25-Sep-2015

Stakeholders in Western Australia’s Defence Sector were offered a rare opportunity to engage directly with the ADF..

Z-Boat and CV100 Single Beam Echo Sounder25-Sep-2015

Many UVS customers are looking at the Teledyne OceanScience Z-Boat as a powerful tool for shallow water hydrographic..

Teledyne TSS – Discount on Stock Motion Sensors – Limited Period11-Sep-2015

Teledyne TSS is now offering significant discounts on list price on stock systems. For a limited time the pro..

Underwater Laser Based Measurement 15-Aug-2015

Interest and applications are growing for laser-based underwater measurements systems that can provide sub-millimetre ac..

Where Are They Now?12-Aug-2015

At UVS one of our values is to continuously improve our operational and technical knowledge. We figure that the more we ..

Extracting Renewable Energy from the Oceans07-Aug-2015

A large audience of over 100 gathered on 9 July 2015 for a presentation to the Joint Electrical Institutions Sydney &nda..

UVS Congratulates ATSA Defence Services on 15 Years Service to the Royal Australian Navy07-Aug-2015

ATSA Defence Services, the specialised service arm of UVS, celebrates fifteen years of service to the Royal Australi..

Mapping and Measuring with Multibeam04-Aug-2015

Many of our customers ask how Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES) backscatter can be used to characterise seabed types for ha..

New Firmware Version Released for Sentinel V ADCPs04-Aug-2015

Teledyne RD Instruments has issued Field Service Bulletin 224 dated 20 July 2015. A new firmware version has been..

REMUS 600 UUV Deployment a Consideration for SEA1000


The USS North Dakota deployed and retrieved a REMUS 600 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) from its dry deck shelter duri..

Talking Teledyne04-Aug-2015

UVS is making plans to attend the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop ( in October. Why not ..

The Dark Arts – International Shipment04-Aug-2015

International shipment seems to many to be a “dark art” that has resisted the improvements and efficiencies ..

Ocean Data Systems24-Jul-2015

Continuing to build on a partnership that has been in place for many years, UVS CTO, Darren Burrowes, visited Colin Russ..

Lost Liberator Search to Resume22-Jul-2015

UVS customer Dion Marinis, the vice-president of the Broome Historical Society, has been happy to report that financial ..

UVS Features in Business in Focus22-Jul-2015

UVS has been featured in Business in Focus magazine, a monthly publication featuring unique articles about prominent com..

UVS Supports BioPower Systems22-Jul-2015

UVS has provided equipment and services to BioPower Systems (BPS), a renewable energy technology company based in Sydney..

Z-Boat on Bibra Lake22-Jul-2015

The UVS office in Perth took advantage of their location near to Lake Coogee, south of Perth for a demonstration of the ..

Testing Time for Perth Service Team30-Jun-2015

The UVS Perth Service Team has been kept busy in June completing critical testing for Woodside Energy Ltd on Electrical ..

The Right Sonar for the Job24-Jun-2015

At the 3rd ADCPs in Action in Australia conference and exhibition ( on the Gold Coast in May..

Sentinel V T-Cable – Manufacturing Error02-May-2015

Teledyne RDI have advised that it has been discovered that the T-Cable used with the Sentinel V battery pack was imprope..

DiverCOMM - New Capability for Diver Communication27-Apr-2015

At the Counter Terror Expo (CTX) 2015 in London 21 - 22 April 2015 UVS was pleased to announce an agreement with Ultra E..

Z-Boat Bound Downunder27-Apr-2015

UVS was pleased to announce at Ocean Business 2015 that a Teledyne OceanScience Z-Boat will be added to the UVS demo/ren..

Clever Buoy Demo at Bondi27-Mar-2015

UVS has supported demonstration of the Optus Clever Buoy at the iconic Bond Beach in Sydney, Australia. Mobilising ..

Wave Glider Fleet Expands27-Mar-2015

The Wave Glider fleet operated by the Maritime Signature Management & Target Services SPO in support of the Royal Au..

Hydrographic Trends25-Feb-2015

UVS supported a combined Seminar/Workshop of the East Australian Region of the Australasian Hydrographic Society (AHS) i..

Technical Update - Hemisphere GNSS – OmniSTAR Data Services25-Feb-2015

An official statement has been released by Hemisphere GNSS Inc. in regards to the inaccuracies published February 25, 20..

UVS at AOG 15 - Visit us at Booth A325-Feb-2015

UVS is exhibiting this year at the Australian Oil & Gas (AOG) exhibition and conference 11 to 13 March in Perth. Our..

Solar Installation at UVS Newcastle office13-Feb-2015

The UVS Newcastle office is now “powered by the sun” following the installation and commissioning of a 10kW ..

ADCPs in Action in Australia – 12 to 13 May 2015 – Gold Coast27-Jan-2015

Join us at Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast for the third ADCPs in Action in Australia - mark your calendar and Re..

Moog Focal Slip Ring Repair Supports Fugro in MH370 Search19-Jan-2015

The UVS Perth-based Moog Focal Slip Ring Service and Repair (

UVS Congratulates CSIRO on the Arrival of RV Investigator19-Jan-2015

UVS Congratulates CSIRO on the Welcome to Port of Australia’s new Marine National Facility ship RV Investigator. T..

DL25 in the Field in Far North Queensland12-Jan-2015

The DL25 ADCP Extended Memory And Control (EMAC) (

ADCP Ringing Test Procedure10-Dec-2014

Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) has released a new procedure to check for “ringing” in WorkHorse ADCPs. This ..

Z-Boat for Remote Hydrographic Survey Applications10-Dec-2014

Fast and safe survey of Shallow Water, Estuarine & Coastal Locations The Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800 is a fast, r..

Congratulations to University of Newcastle Maritime RobotX Team21-Nov-2014

UVS congratulates The University of Newcastle Maritime RobotX Team on their successful complete of the RobotX (http:..

Mobile Robotic Laboratory to Track Ocean Toxins21-Nov-2014

The Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) is a robotic molecular laboratory that enables remote collection of samples fro..

RiverPro On Tour20-Nov-2014

The Teledyne RD Instruments RiverPro received an enthusiastic response when it was shown at the Australian Hydrographic ..

SME Support for Maritime Robotic Technology in Defence 11-Nov-2014

Darren Burrowes, Chief Technology Officer at UVS will speak at the Australian Defence Engineering Conference in Melbourn..

Indian Pacific Piloting07-Nov-2014

Demonstrating the flexibility and capability of the Wave Glider operational model, UVS has completed a piloting operatio..

Kongsberg Camera Repair07-Nov-2014

UVS announced today that agreement had been reached with Kongsberg Maritime Pte Ltd to provide repair and service of OE1..

FLNG and what it means for the Subsea Industry28-Oct-2014

UVS staff joined with a large and engaged audience attending the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) meeting in Pert..

StreamPro Service Certification28-Oct-2014

UVS has been officially sanctioned by Teledyne RD Instruments to inspect, maintain, calibrate and repair StreamPro ADCPs..

UVS Supports BAE Systems' Bid for Sea 177828-Oct-2014

As reported in ADM Magazine, ( UVS ..

Cape Cod Confidential – Part 3 – Hydroid, Inc.23-Oct-2014

Hydroid, Inc. has recently opened a new facility at Pocasset on Cape Cod (

Cape Cod Confidential – Part 2 - EdgeTech22-Oct-2014

EdgeTech is a leading supplier of underwater technology solutions and sonar systems including side scan sonars, sub-..

Subsea Electronics Modules17-Oct-2014

UVS continues to meet demand from Offshore Oil & Gas and Ocean Renewable Energy customers for Subsea Electronics Mod..

Cape Cod Confidential – Part 111-Oct-2014

Many members of the ocean engineering community are aware that the Cape Cod area in Massachusetts, USA is a worldwide ce..

Finalist in 2014 Hunter Manufacturing Awards17-Sep-2014

UVS has been announced as a finalist in the 2014 Hunter Manufacturing Awards ( with win..

Kongsberg Cameras for TMT ROVs17-Sep-2014

UVS has supplied Kongsberg cameras to Total Marine Technologies (TMT) for their Typhoon MK2 ROVs now on their way to Bra..

Oceanographic Future Possibilities17-Sep-2014

- By Mark Musarra, UVS General Manager Offshore Oil & Gas Retrieving ocean data is typically hampered by the obv..

EdgeTech 3100 Portable Sub-bottom Profiler for Rental30-Aug-2014

Responding to numerous requests from our customers, UVS has now arranged to position an EdgeTech 3100 Portable Sub-botto..

Teledyne Odom MB1 MBES Integration into Wave Glider SV330-Aug-2014

Teledyne Odom and Liquid Robotics International have demonstrated an Autonomous Survey using a Teledyne MB1 shallow-wate..

Teledyne RDI Announces Two New Technologies for our Water Resources Pros!30-Aug-2014

Introducing the RiverPro ADCP The new 1200 kHz RiverPro intelligent river discharge measurement system represents Te..

Unmanned Systems Australia Announces a Joint Venture with UVS to Market Maritime Unmanned Systems30-Aug-2014

Brisbane Australia, 27 August 2014 – Unmanned Systems Australia announces that it has agreed with UVS to jointly m..

REMUS SharkCam12-Aug-2014

REMUS SharkCam is a specially outfitted REMUS-100 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) equipped with video cameras and na..

New Water Resources Products for AHA 201430-Jul-2014

Teledyne RDI will release two brand new water resources products in time for The Australian Hydrographers Association Co..

UVS Appointed as DeepWater Buoyancy Representative30-Jul-2014

UVS is pleased to announce appointment by DeepWater Buoyancy as an exclusive representative. DeepWater Buoyancy, In..

Apprentices in Action22-Jul-2014

ATSA/UVS apprentices have been recognised on a number of occasions demonstrating the high quality of their work and thei..

Future for Manufacturing and Engineering01-Jul-2014

UVS Chief Technology Officer, Darren Burrowes, is to participate in the Australian Industry Group Summit on the Future f..

Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group01-Jul-2014

Today’s advances in sonar technology are revealing astounding detail of the realms of the ..

TMT ROVs for Brazil01-Jul-2014

UVS General Manager Offshore Oil & Gas, Mark Musarra has congratulated Total Marine Technology (TMT) on the delivery..

Cable Terminated for Offshore Renewable Energy Project14-Jun-2014

UVS has completed termination of cables for the Carnegie Wave Energy CETO Perth Wave Energy Project, Western Australia. ..

Versatile Sea Spider14-Jun-2014

The versatile Sea Spider seafloor instrument mount was deployed in the Sydney Aquarium to provide an easy to manage and ..

Teledyne RESON and Odom Confirmed for Demo at AIAIA30-May-2014

UVS General Manager Oceanographic and Hydrographic, Mark Hegarty, has confirmed that both Teledyne RESON and Teledyne Od..

Wireless for Subsea (WFS) Case Study: Seatooth® PPC30-May-2014

Wireless for Subsea (WFS), a world leading supplier of subsea wireless instrumentation and control solutions, successful..

UVS at GeoHab 201428-May-2014

UVS General Manager Oceanographic and Hydrographic, Mark Hegarty, attended GeoHab 2014 in Lorne, Victoria toget..

Clever Buoy Engineering Development by UVS26-May-2014

UVS Chief Technology Officer, Darren Burrowes, said that UVS was pleased to have supported Shark Mitigation Service ..

Components Critical For Ocean Power Projects14-May-2014

As the testing of ocean power projects gathers pace, so has the demand for critical sub-sea components and connectors th..

Future of Aviation Pingers29-Apr-2014

UVS distributes a complete line of proven underwater locator products provided by Teledyne Benthos. These locator lo..

UVS Hosts Ai Group Innovation Cluster Meeting21-Mar-2014

UVS Hosts Ai Group Innovation Cluster Meeting Representatives from Hunter manufacturing companies gathered at UVS Newcas..

Wave Glider Recovery Device Sea Trials21-Mar-2014

Wave Glider Recovery Device Sea Trials The innovative WG01 Wave Glider Recovery Device has completed a series of sea tri..

ADCP Compass Calibration in Action12-Mar-2014

ADCP Compass Calibration in Action UVS Workshop Manager Grant Maddison said that the ADCP compass calibration service wa..

CONTROS Representatives at AOG04-Feb-2014

CONTROS Representatives at AOG UVS Chief Operating Officer, Neil Tre..

Sentinel V on Tour29-Jan-2014

Sentinel V on Tour Ron Hippe, the Teledyne RDI Marine Measurement Asian and South Pacific Sales Man..

Wireless for Subsea in Australia29-Jan-2014

Wireless for Subsea in Australia Wireless for Subsea (WFS) Technologies is a global leader in the delive..

Integrated Marine Observing System17-Dec-2013

Integrated Marine Observing System UVS Chief Operating Officer, Neil Trenaman, attended the Integrated Marine Observ..

Announcing the DL24 Acoustic Modem Configurator13-Dec-2013

UVS is pleased to announce the release of the DL24 Acoustic Modem Configurator (AMC). The DL24 AMC simplifies the ta..

ADCP Regatta at Tamworth09-Dec-2013

ADCP Regatta at Tamworth UVS Pty Ltd was pleased to participate in an ADCP regatta conducted on the Namoi Rive..

Innovation Award for Defence SME09-Dec-2013

Innovation Award for Defence SME The specialist defence arm of UVS Pty Ltd, ATSA Defence Services, has taken o..

Autonomous Underwater Technology Seminar20-Nov-2013

Autonomous Underwater Technology Seminar Representatives from UVS attended the Autonomous Underwater Technology (AUT..

UVS Appointed as Teledyne Reson Distributor20-Nov-2013

UVS Appointed as Teledyne Reson Distributor UVS is pleased to announce appointment as a distributor in Australi..

DeepSea Improves SeaLite Sphere LED Light13-Nov-2013

DeepSea Improves SeaLite Sphere LED Light The SeaLite Sphere has evolved to offer field-serviceable connector replacemen..

UVS Partners with Survey Equipment Services13-Nov-2013

UVS Partners with Survey Equipment Services UVS is pleased to announce appointment as the exclusive rental agent in ..

UVS Offers Fugro Marinestar18-Oct-2013

UVS Offers Fugro Marinestar UVS is pleased to announce that the Fugro Marinestar Differential Global Navigation Sate..

UVS Completes Hypack/Hysweep and Teledyne Odom MB1 Training17-Oct-2013

UVS Completes Hypack/Hysweep and Teledyne Odom MB1 Training Training survey in progress on the Mis..

MB1 Shows Scouring in Southport16-Oct-2013

MB1 Shows Scouring in Southport During the ADCPs in Action – Water Resources user conference at Southport a demons..

UVS Newcastle hosts Senator Johnston15-Oct-2013

UVS Newcastle hosts Senator Johnston Leading subsea electronics supplier, UVS Pty Ltd, was pleased to host a visi..

Teledyne Congratulates UVS on 40 Years02-Sep-2013

Teledyne Congratulates UVS on 40 Years Teledyne RD Instruments Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Harry Ma..

RiverRay now shipping with Vertical Beam26-Aug-2013

RiverRay now shipping with Vertical Beam UVS is pleased to announce that Teledyne RDI has added a vertical b..

Wave Glider Autonomous Surface Vehicles and the Pacific Crossing26-Aug-2013

Wave Glider Autonomous Surface Vehicles and the Pacific Crossing On Thursday 8 August 2013 UVS Chief Technolo..

UVS Technical Staff Complete Teledyne Training09-Aug-2013

UVS Technical Staff Complete Teledyne Training UVS technical staff Curtis Schur and Grant Maddison have completed th..

AIAIA Conference Program 201306-Aug-2013

ADCP's In Action In Australia Program 2013. ..

UVS Completes Wave Glider Training in Hawaii with Liquid Robotics17-Jul-2013

UVS Completes Wave Glider Training in Hawaii with Liquid Robotics UVS technical staff, Paul Montgomery, Erik Wilson..

40 Years for UVS Pty Ltd27-Jun-2013

This year, one of Australia’s largest suppliers of subsea products and services is celebrating forty years of ..

Wave Glider SV3 Launched11-Apr-2013

Wave Glider SV2 and SV3 together at sea. Liquid Robotics today unveiled the Wave Glider® SV Series (http://..

UVS Innovation Awards Announced05-Apr-2013

UVS today announced the launch of the UVS Innovation Awards as one part of the celebration of the UVS 40th Anniversa..

AIAIA Water Resources 201304-Apr-2013

Hosted by UVS Pty Ltd. Join us at the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland in August for ADCPs in Action in Australia!..

Port Stephens Seafloor Revealed25-Mar-2013

The structure of the Port Stephens seafloor has been revealed using the portable Teledyne MB1 multibeam (http://www...

UVS & Liquid Robotics Join for PacX Celebration in Sydney25-Jan-2013

UVS and Liquid Robotics Join for PacX Celebration in Sydney UVS joined with Liquid Robotics and ocean professionals ..

Pac X Recovery17-Jan-2013

CHALLENGING CONDITIONS FOR PAPA MAU RECOVERY On 20 November 2012 UVS supported Liquid Robotics (h..

Compass Upgrade for Stream Pro01-Oct-2012

Following extensive training conducted in Australia by Teledyne RDI service staff, UVS is now pleased to announce th..

Riverboat Communication Project25-Sep-2012

UVS was pleased to assist the Department of Natural Resources of the Northern Territory Government in the design and man..

Support to Renewable Energy industry25-Sep-2012

UVS is proud to have supplied equipment in support of the award winning SeaUrchin™ Marine Power Generator. Recentl..

UVS Congratulates Teledyne RDI on 30th Birthday12-Sep-2012

UVS CEO, Neil Hodges and newly appointed Chief Operations Officer, Neil Trenaman, joined Teledyne RD Instruments to cele..

AIAIA Conference Program30-Aug-2012

Please see the latest program for AiAiA Conference on the Gold Coast. ..

Liquid Robotics Wave Glider Utilizing Teledyne RDI ADCPs for Current Data26-Jul-2012

Liquid Robotics Wave Glider is a reliable and economical ocean going system that provides the flexibility and capabi..

ADCPS in Action in Australia 201210-Jul-2012

Hosted by UVS Pty Ltd. Join us at the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland in October for ADCPs in Action in Australia..

Wave Gliders Launched from San Francisco for Pacific Crossing17-Nov-2011

Together with Liquid Robotics (Sunnyvale, CA), UVS celebrated the launch of four Wave Gliders from San Francisco on ..

UVS Attends ADCPSs in Action20-Oct-2011

UVS provided a strong attendance at the “ADCPs in Action” User Conference that was hosted by Teledyne RD In..

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