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PipeSerpent™ Drinking Water Leak Detection

PipeSerpent™ for Leak Detection in Drinking Water Pipelines

PipeSerpent™ technology can be used to find leaks in all types of buried electrically non-conductive drinking water pipelines.

Electrically non-conductive pipe types include:

  • PVC
  • Resin
  • Concrete
  • Vitrified clay
  • Terra-cotta
  • Asbestos cement

The pipeline must be flooded with water and buried in the ground to use PipeSerpent™ technology.

PipeSerpent™ Technology

PipeSerpent™ uses sophisticated software for analysis and detection of safe, Extra-low voltage (ELV) electric signals that are transmitted by the scan head as it transits the pipeline. These signal meet International Electrotechnical Commission requirements for Extra-low Voltage. The electrical potential of any conductor against earth (ground) is not more than either 25 volts RMS (35 volts peak) for alternating current, or ripple-free 60 volts for direct current under dry conditions.

 The PipeSerpent™ Scan Head is pushed through any non-conductive drinking water pipeline

Drinking Pipeline Leak Detection with PipeSerpent™

PipeSerpent™ is the fastest way to detect leaks and access immediate, on-site diagnosis of drinking water pipelines. PipeSerpent™ is a digital technology that complements and the “visual-only” capability of CCTV inspection. By contracting for drinking water pipeline inspection with PipeSerpent™, pipeline asset management can move into the digital age with clear, unambiguous data on the condition of each pipeline. Scan results are produced in digital form for easy storage, review and manipulation.

 PipeSerpent™ Cable Reel, Control Unit and Scan Head are easy to transfer to site.

No Operator Interpretation Required

PipeSerpent™ is designed so that different operators will obtain the same results on the same scan location.  Scan results by different operators can be compared over time to assess the condition of a pipeline. This is different to CCTV scans where operator interpretation is required, and different operators and different companies may identify different defects. Eliminate the cost and ambiguity that can result from operator variability in training, care and attention with the digital results of PipeSerpent™

When a PipeSerpent™ scan is complete the operator can analyse the results on-site or the results can be analysed by the Asset Management Team depending on the operational procedures of the water utility. The operator or the Asset Management Team can identify which pipeline needs to be maintained or repaired first and make the best use of limited resources for pipeline infrastructure management.

 All scan data is stored on the Local Control Unit.

Proactive Asset Management

PipeSerpent™ provides a tool that can be assist with pro-active management of pipeline assets. PipeSerpent™ scans can be performed rapidly in an area producing a digital fingerprint of the status of the pipeline network. By repeating the scan in a planned way, the continued health of the asset can be assessed over time. Assets which are ageing more rapidly can be identified and targeted for repair and remediation before urgent or emergency repairs are required.

Digital Data Results

PipeSerpent™ scan data is in digital form that is easy to review, store and manipulate. PipeSerpent™ reports are easy to understand and do not rely on operator or reviewer interpretations. The digital data from scans can be easily stored and occupies minimal space compared with the large data storage requirements for either analogue (tape) or digital video data. High Definition CCTV video data will require even more storage capability. Manipulation of PipeSerpent™ scan files is easy as they can be transferred by USB, email or other methods as required to enable sharing within an organisation. Scan files are time-stamped and geo-located using GPS data received at the time of the scan to enable unambiguous identification of files.

 PipeSerpent™ scan files are easy to manage compared with CCTV video or digital files.

Detect Leaks, Diagnose and Deliver with PipeSerpent™ for Drinking Water Pipelines!


  • Accurately locates leaks in drinking water pipelines.
  • Seeks out leak locations for further inspection.
  • Uses sophisticated scanning and software technology.
  • Measures changes in ELV signals due to cracks, corrosion, joint and connection defects.
  • Works in any type of non-conductive pipe (PVC, resin, concrete, vitrified clay, terra-cotta, asbestos cement)


  • Data captured fast and efficiently for onsite analysis.
  • Precisely identifies location of the defect within 200 mm.
  • Operator interpretation not required.
  • Data stored locally in Control Unit.


  • Transportable, robust, objective, leak detection system.
  • Faster more accurate detection of defects than alternative systems.
  • Cost effective management of drinking water pipeline assets.
  • Minimal training required
All scan data is stored on the Local Control Unit
All scan data is stored on the Local Control Unit