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Kongsberg Mesotech

Kongsberg Mesotech

UVS forms a part of the Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. international support network and can provide training, product support, application and data interpretation for Kongsberg Mesotech products including single beam scanning sonar, multibeam sonar and altimeters.

UVS supplies customers in Australia with Kongsberg Mesotech products for many underwater applications including:

  • Diver Safety. Scanning sonar can be used before a diver descends to identify potential hazards and provide information to support dive planning. The diver and the sonar operate should review the sonar data together to identify hazards for the dive and determine best how to investigate the target of interest.
  • 3D Inspection of Bridge Sub-structure. Scanning sonar fitted with a conical narrow-beam profiling transducer can be used for many tasks including dock, bridge, tunnel and shaft inspections, internal pipeline and tank surveys.
  • Search and Recovery. Police and public safety dive teams use scanning sonar for evidence search and recovery operations. More than eighty MS 1000 Scanning Sonar systems have been provided as they are ideally suited for independent use from a boat. The MS 1000 is easily deployed, operated and recovered by a two man team
  • Shipwreck Documentation.  The advantage of using scanning sonar to document shipwrecks is that the instrument can be deployed at multiple positions around the wreck to obtain the best geometric coverage and detail specific areas of interest. For salvage operations the sonar can be used to monitor divers or the position of rigging in real time.

MS 1000 Sonar Processing Software

MS 1000 Keypad

M3 Sonar - 500m Depth

M3 Sonar - 400M Depth

Dual Transducer Imaging Sonar Head

1171 - Series Scanning Sonar 650m Multi-frequency Mini Sonar Head

MS 1000 Underwater Visualisation Applications

ROV-Mounted Sonar use In Search and Recovery

Kongsberg transducer that creates a narrow conical beam.

Scanning Sonar mounted on a rotator to give 3D capability. 


MS1000 PC-based sonar processor and high resolution scanning sonar head.

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