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The SewerSerpent is the fastest way to detect leaks and access immediate, on-site diagnosis of sewer pipelines from sewer laterals to sewer mains.

Using safe, Extra-low voltage (ELV) electric signals, SewerSerpent™ detects leaks in pipelines using sophisticated software to detect ELV signals.


  • Accurately locates leaks in drains and laterals.
  • Seeks out leak locations for further inspection.
  • Uses sophisticated scanning and software technology.
  • Measures changes in ELV signals due to cracks, corrosion, joint and connection defects.
  • Works in any type of non-conductive pipe (PVC, resin, concrete, vitrified clay, terra-cotta, asbestos cement)


  • Data captured fast and efficiently for onsite analysis.
  • Precisely identifies location of the defect within 200 mm.
  • Operator interpretation not required.
  • Data stored in Serpent Control Unit for download.


  • Transportable, robust, measureable, leak detection system.
  • Faster more accurate detection of defects than alternative systems.
  • Cost effective management of sewer assets.
  • Minimal training required

SewerSerpent™ Technology

SewerSerpent™ technology is based on original hardware and software development now subject to Australian patent applications.

SewerSerpent™ uses sophisticated software for analysis and detection of safe, Extra-low voltage (ELV) electric signals that are transmitted by the scan head. These signal meet International Electrotechnical Commission requirements for Extra-low Voltage. The electrical potential of any conductor against earth (ground) is not more than either 25 volts RMS (35 volts peak) for alternating current, or ripple-free 60 volts for direct current under dry conditions.

When the ELV signal change, due to a defect in the sewer pipe, the change is detected by the sensitive electronics in SewerSerpent™ and amplified for presentation to the operator.

The easy to read display on the SewerSerpent™ cable identifies the location of the leak site as distance from the inspection point and indicates the size of the leak on the vertical axis of the display.

Operation of the SewerSerpent™ is very simple and it enables objective and rapid detection of all sewer pipeline leaks.

All data from the SewerSerpent™ scan is stored in the cable reel electronics unit and is available for download in common formats.

SewerSerpent™ Products

SewerSerpent™ is manufactured in a range of sizes to suit different pipeline applications.


Pipeline Diameters


SewerSerpent™ 100

Maximum: Ø100mm

Swimming pool pipelines & Domestic Use

SewerSerpent™ 225

Minimum: Ø100mm

Sewer laterals

Maximum: Ø225mm

SewerSerpent™ 600

Maximum: Ø600mm

Sewer main lines

SewerSerpent Animation

This animation shows how the SewerSerpent225 can be rapidly deployed to check for leaks in sewer lateral connections. SewerSerpent is simple to use and fast to find leaks.


ASTM F2550-13 Standard Practice for Locating Leaks in Sewer Pipes By Measuring the Variation of Electric Current Flow Through the Pipe Wall describes the practice to detect and locate all types of pipe defects that are potential sources of water leaks either into or out of electrically non-conducting pipes by measuring the variation of electric current flow.

SewerSerpent 225™ Brochure SewerSerpent 225™ Brochure (1784 KB)


SewerSerpent - How Does it Work? SewerSerpent - How Does it Work? (827 KB)