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Slip Ring Srvcs & Repair

Slip Ring Service and Repair

Slip Ring Service and Repair - UVS Pty LtdUVS maintains a service and repair facility for Moog Focal Electrical and Fibre Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) slip rings.

Working closely with Moog Focal UVS established a specialised room for service, repair and overhaul for slip ring units. Our experienced technicians have completed many slip ring overhauls and customers can be assured of a rapid and high quality service to manufacturer's standards

The UVS slip ring service facility operates from a dedicated climate-controlled workshop that is completely equipped with all tools and test instruments required to support slip ring service and repair. UVS technicians completing slip ring service have many years of experience in fault-finding, repair and test of slip rings and components with the original service capability established for many years. With a local presence in in Perth, Western Australia, UVS is ideally positioned to support Perth-based customers in rapid turnaround of Moog Focal slip ring repairs without the delays and costs of shipment of equipment from Australia.

UVS works closely with Moog Focal to ensure that work is completed to comply with latest procedures and instructions. Customers who choose Moog Focal slip rings can be assured of full support in Australia from UVS Perth.

The UVS slip ring repair and service facility provides the best alternative for getting your slip ring back in service rapidly to meet original specifications.

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