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Teledyne OceanScience

Oceanscience Z-Boat or Q-Boat

The Oceanscience Z-Boat  is a fast, reliable, accurate, and surveyor-tested remote survey system. With an echosounder selected specifically for use on a remote vessel, the Z-Boat can be configured to suit every survey challenge and budget. The side scan option brings crystal clear bottom imagery to the Z-Boat system.

By fitting an ADCP to the versatile Z-Boat it becomes a Q-Boat suitable for measuring river discharge in challenging locations where cable-ways or boats are not available.

rapidCAST Automated Underway Profiling System

UVS Offers the Teledyne OceanScience rapidCASTTM free-fall sound velocity-profiling system. The complete rapidCAST installation consists of a Valeport fast sound velocity probe with Bluetooth data telemetry, an automatic remotely-operated compact deck winch with power supply, and a control software package for sound velocity cast management running on a PC connected to the deck equipment by cable.

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