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Comprehensive Theory complimented by hands-on Practice


UVS has significant experience in providing training to our customers who operate equipment we supply in multiple applications. We see our training offering as a part of the full service we offer for supply, support and maintenance of high-technology underwater equipment.

Our engineers and technicians are OEM trained and are in constant contact with development in their speciality of pipeline condition assessment technology from Aqualink to Z-Boats. We design our courses around your needs and provide theory and hands-on practical as required to suit the students and the outcome required from the course.

At our facility in Newcastle NSW we have access to a 5.0m deep x 8.0m diameter tank for specialised training in underwater vehicle operations. We can provide our training at our facilities in Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth or at your location as required.

Saab Seaeye Falcon Operator/Maintainer Training

To get the most from your Falcon vehicle students should attend a two day operator/maintainer course. The course is conducted at our facility at Newcastle, NSW and includes extensive use of our 5.0m deep x 8.0m diameter training tank. This tank provides the capability to view the Falcon in action from all angles (including underwater view ports) and enables an operator to become fully confident in all operations. Falcon tooling and other options can also be demonstrated so that you can try-before-you-buy.

Our maintenance instructors are trained by the OEM, Saab Seaeye, and will provide complete instruction on Falcon field maintenance and support.

Students who complete this course will have a full knowledge of the Falcon system and be able to maintain and operate it with safety.

For more information, please download our Falcon Training Syllabus brochure or contact BlueZone Group.

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SewerSerpent® Training

SewerSerpent® training includes all aspects of deployment and mearusrement concudte dwiht SewerSerpent®.

SewerSerpent® is the fastest way to detect leaks and access immediate, on-site diagnosis of sewer pipelines from sewer laterals to sewer mains. The SewerSerpent® system is a digital technology that enables pipeline condition assessment with pinpoint accuracy, to move beyond the “visual-only” limitations of CCTV. By contracting for sewer pipeline inspection with SewerSerpent®, pipeline asset management can move into the digital age with clear, unambiguous data on the condition of each pipeline. Scan results are produced in digital form for easy storage, review and manipulation.

SewerSerpent® is designed so that different operators will obtain the same results on the same scan location.  Scan results by different operators can be compared over time to assess the condition of a pipeline. This is different to CCTV scans where operator interpretation is required and different operators and different companies may identify different defects. Eliminate the cost and ambiguity that can result from operator variability in training, care and attention with the digital results of SewerSerpent®.

UVS provides on-site training and support for SewerSerpent®.

SewerBatt Training

SewerBatt™ provides reliable information on pipe condition needed to accurately estimate the remaining service life of wastewater collection system assets and target maintenance and repair activities. SewerBatt™ is an innovative technology that used acoustics to locate defects and blockages in sewers and drainage pipes.

SewerBatt™ is easy to use and our comprehensive on-site training can get you up and running fast!

UVS and PUB staff conduct a SewerBatt scan in Little India.

UVS staff prepare to conduct a SewerBatt scan in a busy street in Chinatown.

Teledyne SeaBotix LBV Training


BlueZone provides options for east coast and west coast training in Teledyne SeaBotix systems.