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Tritech Side Scan Sonar

Tritech StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems

StarFish Side Scan Sonar Range

Tritech side scan sonar systems build on the huge success of the original 450 series. These systems offer portable, high resolution side scan survey solutions at an affordable cost. All the systems have been specifically designed for shallow water survey in water depths up to 30m/100ft. This makes them ideal for port & harbour survey & security work, inland water survey of rivers/canals/lakes, wreck location and Search and Recovery (SAR) missions. StarFish towed systems are extremely portable, with each sonar less than 15” long. This enables them to be easily shared between groups of users or vessels when required, and excel in remote shallow water locations where other side scan systems struggle to perform.

High Performance

Utilising the latest in advanced CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) acoustic technology and digital‐signal‐processing (DSP) techniques at the core of its imagining capabilities, StarFish sonar systems have the ability to detect small closely spaced targets at far greater distances than conventional single frequency, monotonic systems. By sweeping the acoustic transmission from one frequency to another, the bandwidth of this ‘chirped’ signal allows closely spaced targets to be imaged individually instead of typically becoming merged into one larger target. CHIRP techniques also help to remove random or out‐of‐band noise, therefore reducing the risk of acoustic interference.

Advanced Design

All the towed StarFish sonar’s have the same physical size and shape based on their signature full‐body three‐fin hydrodynamic design. The unique design improves stability of the sonar during towing, and ultimately helps to ensure the system produces the highest quality sonar images possible. StarFish towed systems are the smallest on the market. These compact side scan sonar’s measure less than 15” long, making them extremely portable, and allow them to be deployed from even the smallest of vessels, in the remotest of locations, within often difficult shallow water environments.

Simple Operation

StarFish systems have been designed to be ‘plug & play’, connecting to your PC/laptop via a top‐box with USB connection. The top‐box allows the sonar to be powered from both AC (i.e. mains supply) or DC (i.e. battery, generator) sources and multiple adaptor cables are supplied with every system, making it straightforward to power the StarFish system from your existing power source. The intuitive StarFish Scanline software, designed for Windows operating systems, has an easy‐to‐use interface. With helpful ‘Wizards’ to get you started, you’ll be up and running in no time. For more experienced operators, enabling advanced features within the software is extremely simple to implement through the clever use of interactive displays, tabbed menus and ‘Widgets’.

StarFish Catalogue 2013 StarFish Catalogue 2013 (1901 KB)

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