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UVS Innovation Awards


Innovation in the Ocean Since 1973

UVS has been a supplier of quality subsea equipment and systems to industry, science and academia for over forty years. In that time UVS has introduced a number of innovative technologies to the Australian market:
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles

    UVS introduced the first Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) the Australian market. Two of the first ROVs developed for offshore work were the RCV-225 and the RCV-150 developed by Hydro Products of San Diego, California. In 1976 an RCV-225 82kg and 400m depth capability was supplied by UVS and operated in Australian waters. True to the UVS philosophy of “supporting what you sell”, UVS technicians attended training in the USA on leading edge technology such as microprocessors that were incorporated into the first ROVs.
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

    UVS introduced ADCP technology to the Australian market in 1989. When the power and adaptability of Doppler technology began to be fully exploited with the development of the newer Broadband signal processing technology and the introduction of the Workhorse series instruments  the number of applications grew rapidly. There are now more than 500 Teledyne RDI instruments in-service in Australia and new and innovative applications for ADCP technology are constantly being developed by UVS customers involved in the investigation, monitoring and management of our ocean resources.
  • Wave Glider Autonomous Surface Vehicle

    By continuously harvesting energy from the environment, Wave Gliders are able to travel long distances, hold station, and monitor vast areas without ever needing to refuel. A unique two-part architecture and wing system directly converts wave motion into thrust, and solar panels provide electricity for sensor payloads. This means that Wave Gliders can travel to a distant area, collect data, and return for maintenance without ever requiring a ship to leave port. The Wave Glider is a revolutionary technology that will change the way that data is collected, monitored and analysed in the ocean.


In recognition of the UVS history of innovation,the UVS Innovation Awards were established in 2013, the UVS 40th Anniversary Year

About the Innovation Awards

To encourage early-acceptance of innovative technologies, the UVS Innovation Awards enable ocean science, engineering and research students to gain early experience with innovative technologies through loan of equipment from the UVS Rental Pool.

The award provides the loan of the equipment and engineering assistance with design of the experiment if required. On completion of your research UVS will fund travel & accommodation to support results of the research to be presented at a national conference. Eligible students and researchers are graduate students and university researchers in the first two years of their first appointment.

Applications are invited from Australian and New Zealand based students and researchers. 

The Marine Measurements Award

  • Engineering assistance and support with design of deployment arrangements including loan of flashers and pingers as required to aid recovery
  • Travel & accommodation for attendance at the ADCPs in Action in Australia – Marine Measurement, conference and exhibition, to present the resulting work

The Water Resources Award

  • Technical assistance and support with design of the experiment

The Hydrography Award


Award Applications

Research Proposal

Prepare a brief research project proposal (500 words max) including the following: 

  • Research aims
  • Description of the experiment to be conducted
  • Time frame
  • What additional engineering or technical support is required from UVS
  • Contribution to the larger research aims of the organisation

Send the proposal and a copy of your CV to

Applications for the awards close one month prior to ADCPs in Action in Australia with the successful candidate being announced at the conference.

UVS Research & Innovation Committee

The UVS Research & Innovation Committee has been established to review all applications and make recommendations for the awards:

Gunilla Burrowes (Chair)

  Gunilla graduated from the University of NSW with a degree in electrical engineering. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle researching in the area of mobile swarms of autonomous underwater vehicles and the data communication between them. Gunilla is Chair of Australian Science Innovations and maintains an active engagement with academic research community and education in science, engineering, technology and maths. 

Judging Criteria, Eligibility and Terms

The UVS Research & Innovation Board will consider the scientific and innovative merit of each application, the practicality of the planned experiment and the demonstration of a clear need for the chosen equipment.

The competition is open to graduate students studying for higher degrees who are required to carry out research as part of their course, or university researchers in the first two years of their first post-graduate appointment. Where appropriate, references may be requested from supervisors regarding the suitability of the proposed work. Applicants may apply for more than one award, but only one award will be granted to a successful applicant.

Award winners will be required to agree a UVS Rental Agreement.

Travel & accommodation arrangements will be made when the loaned equipment has been returned and a summary of the project report has been received.

Award winners must acknowledge UVS in any publications or presentations that describe work carried out with the equipment. They must share with UVS any data acquired permit UVS to use data for communications in any media.

Download the Innovation Flyer here.

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