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Wincan VX Support for SewerSerpent®

Wincan VX Support for SewerSerpent®

Wincan VX  supports integration SewerSerpent® reports into Wincan. This is enabled need through the feature to to attach any document to a section / inspection / project (in Wincan V8 this is not possible). Users can simply attach SewerSerpent® reports to the corresponding section in WinCan VX.

Wincan VX Support for SewerSerpent® provides a simple but powerful way to fully integrate SewerSerpent® reports into Wincan. SewerSerpent® reports are constantly being developed and improved and as PDF reports are updated  they can easily be to imported into Wincan.

Users can attach SewerSerpent® reports in this section of the Wincan VX software, just Go to Documents (choose either Observations, Inspections or sections) and then right click, then press “add” and you can attach a SewerSerpent® report.